December 19th, 2001

real Alice

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I cannot even articulate how mad I am at my doctor/insurance/health care, etc. Health "care"....what a joke.

Now they are saying I won't get my test results back until Friday. That's the day before I leave. In the meantime, I am getting worse & worse. The doctor said it's his "clinical" opinion that I don't have strep, & since it's "cold & flu season," it's 95% likely that I have one of those. I said, "Well, in my 'clinical' opinion, I have had this body for 30 years, & I can tell you, it ain't a cold, & I have NEVER had severe throat pain with just the flu." He said, "I am sure you know your body, but I DO have experience with these kinds of things...." Whatever. Jerk. He told me I was welcome to get a second opinion. If I am not feeling better tomorrow, I will do just the emergency room.

IF I do need antibiotics, and I strong suspect I do---despite what HE thinks---I wouldn't start them until late Friday....and my flight is early Saturday. I will not have improved by then. Flying is miserable enough normally....and try doing it with fever, chills, sniffles, coughing, runny nose, etc. Not to mention contaminating everyone around you in those close quarters. This just really, really sucks. I need new health coverage. I pay $213 a month for this shitty coverage. My friend went to the doc today, got her strep test results in 3 minutes, & is already on antibiotics, getting better. WTF???? I told my doc that & he says, "Well, those quick tests are not always accurate." Bullshit. BULLSHIT!

Do you think it would be bad to take some leftover antiobiotics I have from the last time I was sick? They are not expired. I know, in general, it's not good to do that.....but I think this case is a bit different.
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