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Another Dose of Reality

So I asked "Reality" to send me a picture of himself, because I was honestly curious what such a man would look like. So here's his return response, & under a cut, his picture. *giggle*


In response to Your questions:

1) Upon Your request, a picture of Me, REALITY, is attached!!

2) Isn't that a Florida area code? - Yes!! It is a Florida area code, My love!!

I beg of You, LilSweetNSassy, to please email Me, again, as I am irresistably attracted to You feminine sexual beauty!! I need to be Owned by You, as Your slave & property!! I want to be used by You & taken for all that I am, have, and will have, by being Cleopatratized by Your irresistable feminine sexual beauty!! I want You to have a tell, don't ask, policy where You command Me to fulfill all of the desires of Your heart, will, and whims and take everything from Me, even against My will, with My full permission, as I beg to worship You and be used by You. I want to work for You, where You just keep taking everything that I work for, anytime You Goddamn fucking feel like!! I need to start out with developing trust between Us, with mutual consensuality, where, You respect My limits!!
I long for Your attention and to be controlled by Your irresistable feminine sexual beauty!!



Here he is:
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