January 22nd, 2002

real Alice

How depressing...

I am watching a repeat of "Smallville."

It's an episode about a "fat" girl who is teased at school for her obesity....so she decides to eat only shakes made from vegetables pulled from a garden contaminated with krytonite. She loses 15 pounds or so of weight within minutes of drinking the shakes.
In less than five minutes, she drops from about 165-140....and after another shake, from about 140 to 115.

Yadda, yadda, yadda....

So what's depressing about it???

They "fat padded" an actress to look fat, so she could realistically "drop" the weight. Other than having a very obvious latex padded chin...this "padded" actress was about the size of me.
I weigh about 130 right now, which is overweight for my size. And this actress, padded, was my size. There's no way at that size she would have weighed in at 165. I looked at this actress in her "fat" stage, & other than the double chin, she just looked healthy to me! She didn't look REMOTELY fat. Just healthy & curvy. In other words, she wasn't a twig. I am the first person to offer the opinion that someone needs to lose weight---most including myself---and this actress in the "fat" stage wouldn't have had to lose a pound. If they wanted to make her "fat," they should have made her fat....instead...they just made someone like me get depressed...because I honestly look like the girl they were insinuating was fat.

When is a more natural body going to come into style in Hollywood? Yes, I am going to slim down, but I will NEVER be slim...thin...slender. None of it. Never. I am not small-boned, & I have very muscular legs, & a big chest. I am curvy. While I may "tone" up, I will always be curvy.

Is there a place in Hollywood for me???? Will Hollywood ever accept women who have normal, healthy bodies?

When will the American public start writing in to producers & directors & casting directors in Hollywood, expressing their desire to see women with healthier bodies used? I constantly hear the viewing public bitching & moaning about how unhealthy & skinny actresses in Hollywood are....but until the people in charge of casting (primarily producers& directors) start getting letters expressing this...letters of complaint...nothing is going to change.

We need a revolution, people! Start writing letters! Write to famous producers! Write to famous directors! Write to popular magazines! DO something about this....I understand them wanting pretty people....but voluptuous woman CAN BE pretty, too! In fact, a curvier woman is more attractive than a skeletal one, anyday...to me, anyway.
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