January 24th, 2002

real Alice

I'm a lemming.....

current mood: exhausted
current taste: Popeye's Popcorn Shrimp Basket
current hair: blonde, long, straight
current dress: fave jeans, turtleneck, fave boots
current grievance: stuff dealing with accident
current annoyance: exhaustion
current smell: my B&B Works Honeysuckle body splash
current longing: to get a call from Steven asking me
to be in his next film (or any
paying acting gig, period!)
current thing i ought to be doing: getting ready to
meet a date
current desktop Picture: Twin Towers under attack
current favorite group: Creed
current book: Motherless Daughters
current CDs in stereo: a mix CD my 13 & 16 year old
cousins made for me
current refreshment: pink lemonade
current worry: money & career....always money & career
current malicious intent: I don't really have a
malicious bone in my body, but I do
want to see justice against the man
who hit me while driving uninsured.
current lyric: (My Sacrifice by Creed...current fave)
When I am with you
I'm free
I'm careless
I believe
current crush: Daniel, John, Lyndy, Eric, Eric, Paul,
current hate: people who drive without insurance &
people who live in America & don't
learn English
thankful for: my Dad, my friends, my family, my truck
being driveable, the fact that my
accident wasn't much worse, the fact
that my tailbone is slowly healing,
the fact that I finally sold my
Beetle, having a little extra money
on hand even if temporary, having a
nice roof over my head, having food
to eat, having a cellphone, having
TVs & great shows to watch, great
movies coming out, my acting/singing
talent, I am thankful that I care
about others....I am the most
thankful person on Earth
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