January 25th, 2002

real Alice

A loooooong post

Does anyone besides me hate banks???

I deposited a rather large check today, around 1PM or so. Trust me, unfortunately, it's not my money...I have to write my dad & check. It's the money from the sale of my Beetle (I finally sold it today!), & I have to pay my father back for buying me the Ranger.

Anyway....my dad said it was okay to go to Target & get some things I had been needing. Also, I wanted to go get some CDs I had been wanting forever (USED!), & was basically going to put the money back into my account with my paycheck tomorrow. The ATM machine says that if you deposit a check by 3 or 4PM (it depends on the branch), the funds register in your account that day. So I toddle off to Target. I had a gut feeling that I wouldn't have enough money for the purchase. They put my ticket on suspend, because an item I bought on sale didn't come up on sale (hey...every little penny counts these days!). So...while I waited on suspend, I called Wells Fargo Customer Service on my cellphone. Sure enough, I had about $130 in my account....not enough to cover the bill. So I have them do a direct deposit transfer from my paycheck coming in tomorrow. So I covered that bill. I talked to a cust. service agent, & he informs me that my funds will not be available until midnight. I say, "I will have my funds available to me at midnight, right?" And he says, "That's correct, m'am." So, I go online tonight to djangos to buy some used CDs. I spend almost an hour shopping & going through everything I want, get it totaled up, shipping, everything, & I wait until after midnight to total it up....and again, going on gut instinct, I decided to call cust. service & check my account balance to see if I had enough to cover this bill (which wasn't that much). The automated line tells me I have $44!!!!! Ummm....no. That's not right. So I speak to an agent....and she says I was given incorrect info before, & my funds will not be available until around 8AM. **sigh** I would just leave my computer on until 8AM while I sleep, but it tends to get overheated & freeze up when I have it on that long. The kicker to all this CRAP?!?!? I deposited a cashier's check.....I deposited CASH!!!! They are not letting me have access to CASH I deposited! I understand them waiting to post funds til the next day when it's a CHECK....but CASH should be available the SAME DAY!!!
Sheesh! I am so mad I could scream! If it's not one place giving you the jerk-around, it's another.

Tomorrow, I get to go to the doctor as a follow up to my traffic accident. I get in the habit of saying "car accident," but I drive a truck, so technically can't use that term. What an annoyance. I also get to go get at least one estimate for my truck. Loads of fun in store for me, huh? As an odd coincidence, when I was leaving Target, I decided to go to Popeye's. After I got my food, I was sitting in my truck trying to figure out how to work the CD player car adapter I got, when I look up & see a familiar man walking past my truck. it was the JACKASS who hit me! He was walking right past me, & didn't even notice me! Hard to miss a small blonde in a big white truck with a big dent on it that you created! I think he's on drugs! So I watch him walk to his car, & I almost jumped out & sarcastically said, "Hey, remember ME??????" I wanted so badly to ask him if he got cited for driving without insurance----since Lord knows I can't find out any other way---but I knew I couldn't have a conversation with him...the man doesn't speak English. So as I watched him drive away (& I am positive he STILL doesn't have insurance), I noticed he no longer had a front bumper. I remember it hanging off after he hit me...apparently, now, it's just gone. There was nothing there but two headlights...no bumper, no grill...nothing.

I went to the Van Nuys PD today, to try to locate the officer who took the police report, or at least leave him a message to call me, or something! But...another dead end. He wasn't an officer in their roster (traffic division) which means he was a North Hollywood officer, & they are the ones who told me they couldn't help me earlier. I had spoken to this BITCH of a female officer who obviously has penis-envy, & when I told her I wanted to locate this officer to inquire as to whether my good 'ole friend Jaime was cited for driving without insurance, she practically YELLS at me, "WHY DO YOU CARE????!?!?!?!?"
A bit stunned by an OFFICER questioning me as to why I want JUSTICE, I just tried to explain that I simply wanted to know what was done, & had I not being carried away in an ambulance, I WOULD have known first hand what occured!! BITCH! Sheesh! I really wish I had gotten her name. I might try to go to the NoHo PD & find out who she was, & make a complaint. It wasn't like I was being rude or testy to her. Here's the deal....people should get cited for what they deserve to be cited for. If you are pulled over for speeding, you should actually get the ticket, NOT a warning. Why do you need a warning? You KNOW you are speeding! I don't agree with giving warnings. Another female officer got on the line with me, & she was much nicer. She POLITELY asked me why I wanted to know this info, & I pointed out, why bother having laws if there is no punishment for breaking them? She said, "Good point." Officers are supposed to "protect & serve." By letting this ASSHOLE continue driving, that officer didn't "protect" the public. By not citing him (IF he didn't), he certainly wasn't "serving" MY best interests. Monday, I am going to go to the NoHo PD, & try one more time to locate this officer. Then I give up. I will find out when we receive the police report in 3-6 weeks (the nicer female officer told me 9 weeks is more realistic). I CANNOT believe it's this difficult to locate this officer. I have EVERY right to know what took place after I left, & like I said, I would have known myself if I HADN'T been taken away.
Regardless....when I turn in my SR-1 report, & Jaime hasn't (I know he won't), he will have his license suspended. Riiiiiiight...like that will make a DAMN bit of difference. He will keep right on driving...just like the thousands of other ASSHOLES who drive without licenses, with suspended licenses, & without insurance. You are an ASSHOLE if you drive without car insurance, people. I don't care what your lame ass excuse is. If you cannot afford BASIC car insurance, then get your ass off the road. Driving is a privilege, NOT a "right." If you cannot follow the rules of the road, then you don't get to play. I am going to sue Jaime for every penny he's got, & so is my insurance company...if he has a job, his wages will be garnished. If he doesn't have a job (likely), when he GETS one, his wages will be garnished. He is 42 years old, living at home with mommy & daddy, & they don't have a phone. How do you say "LOSER" in Spanish?????? ARGGGGGHHHHHHH!

I had a date last night, but I am not sure how much I want to talk about it yet. I thought it went really, really well. But I didn't hear from him all day today. I understand that's normal, for a guy not to call the day after a date....they like to have what I call the "3-5 day waiting period" (& sometimes that's extended to 7 days). That's fine & dandy. But he genuinely seemed really interested. Sometimes, I can tell when I guy is pretending to be interested. This guy seemed genuinely interested. Like, big time! I sent him an email today telling him I had a nice time, & was surprised to not hear back. Surprised because ALL of our correspondence has been online. He does not have my phone number (I don't give that out until I meet a guy in person, & maybe not even then). And he's online almost every day at work, & usually writes back & forth with me almost all day. I mean, I guess there could be a chance that he wasn't online today...but I doubt it. This is EXACTLY what I dislike about dating...the games. Either you ARE interested or you are NOT. One or the other. A mature person isn't going to run away from interest. It's okay to admit you are interested. It's okay to communicate the day after a date. Why do they have to act "cool?"

It started casually enough. We met at Chevy's for dinner. His name is John, & he's 6'5 & handsome. Huge hands. he was wearing his suit from work, & put his glasses on. We had standard chit-chat over dinner. He has a dry sense of humor, which I enjoy. After dinner (we were there a while), we walked down to Barnes & Noble. We stood in front of B&N for quite a while talking, & we started loosening up. We ran into some people I knew, 2 of the Wheeler sisters. I worked with Danni Wheeler at Disneyland & she was in "Little Mermaid" (the play) with me. Her sister, Ellen, directed us, & she's a soap opera star in New York. Their youngest sister, Jayelle, was with Danni, & Danni's husband. I hadn't seen them in a while. Danni talked to John a bit about the Learning Channel show he was on...I guess it was some kind of dating show, & he actually ended up getting stalked after it aired. Danni told her husband that he "had to" hear me sing...that I sang like Lea Salonga, that I had Lea Salonga's belt voice. Wow....I would never say that. Lea Salonga is an amazing Broadway singer. So that's a compliment to me, an insult to her! :-) Anyway, they had to get to a movie, so I asked John to walk me upstairs to my truck. We talked a while up there. He asked me if we were going to see each other again, & I said, "I don't know, are we?" He said, "Uh-uh, I asked you first." I said, "Well, since I invited myself to your house next week to sit in front of your fireplace, & you have to give me one of your CDs, I would suppose we have to!" He smiled & said, "Oh, that's right. I forgot you invited yourself over." We messed around a bit in my truck. A little first base, a little second, a little third....heh-heh. Good kisser....nice lips. Did I mention the huge hands? What do you think that means? *wink* Anyway....after we fooled around a bit, he asked me when he could see me again, what my schedule was like. I said I would probably be available next weekend, & Wed-Fri nights would depend on whether or not I end up working on that vampire movie. He said, rather eagerly, "Well, will you let me know when you are free?" I said I would, & he was like, "Promise?" It would seem to me, that if a guy wants to blow you off, he'd basically be like, "So, I had a nice time. I'll be in touch." That's typically the blow-off. I thought we had nice chemistry, plenty in common, & we laughed, a LOT. It was a good time. He said that making out with someone he had just met was "a first" for him, but who knows? Honestly, for all I know, he might meet a different chick off the internet daily, make-out with her, & then say, "Boy, this is a first for me...will you let me know when I can see you again?" And then he never talks to her again. It's entirely possible...but I didn't get that impression on him. I guess, as always, time will tell. I don't think I should worry so much about not hearing from him the day after. If I haven't heard from him after the weekend, THEN I will start to worry.

I wasn't too worried, obviously. I met another guy from the net tonight. He emailed me today & asked if I was free to meet him for a spontaneous & quick dinner. So I got re-dressed & met Lyndy at Frontier Wok. He got caught in traffic & was a half hour late (coming from pretty far away). He pulled up in a very sharp, expensive, black Mercedes (& apparently has a truck, too). He owns an insurance company & I suppose he does quite well. He has season seats---7th row---for the Clippers, which can't be cheap. It's not the Lakers, but still. He was going to a Kings game tonight with his buddy who has season seats. Points against Lyndy....he has an 8 year old son. I just don't think I want to date someone with a kid, even though he doesn't live with him full-time.
He's 6'4 (yes, I like them tall), cute, 245 pounds (huge), & seems to be pretty smart. A bit of a dorky sense of humor, but he might have just been trying to "impress" in a very short time. He's 37, & is divorced. I will have to reserve judgment on Lyndy, since I really didn't get to know him well. We had 30 minutes together, before he had to meet his friends, since he was late. And no...I didn't make-out with him. :-)

Tomorrow night, I am spending the night with Erin. We are going for facials at some place she found. I imagine we will sit on the couch & knit all night. Unless she & Shawn (her fiance, my ex) want to see a movie. Then Sat. night, I am spending the night with my old high school chum, Eric. We went to high school together---sort of (until he got shipped off to continuation school)---our senior year. So we have known each other a loooooong time. He was the one I was with during my worse car accident ever. It was his car. But we didn't see each other for 10 years...not until our 10 year class reunion in 2000. It was at that time that we suddenly had tremendous chemistry. I found myself VERY attracted to him by the end of the reunion. His ride---our mutual friend Dia---got hurt & had to go to the ER, so I took Eric home. Had he not had a girlfriend waiting at home for him, I imagine something would have happened that night. And then I didn't see him again for another year, despite multiple exchanges of "we should get together." Finally, about 6 months or so back, we finally hooked up. I went to his new house after work one Sat. night, & we went to dinner & then just hung out. I totally would have hooked up with him that night, & probably embarrassed myself that night.
But nothing happened. So now, he's invited me over for a "slumber party....pajamas optional." :-) So I am headed over there after work on Sat. Now...two hitches here. I would totally hook-up with him. I mean, sheesh, we have known each other long enough. BUT.....(1) is it ever wise to hook up with a friend? Is it worth it POSSIBLY losing a friend, just for a little noogy?, & (2) I am currently being visited by that pain in the ass, Aunt Flo. What a damn annoyance! I don't even want kids! Why must I get my period every month?!? I hate it! Oh well...maybe it's a sign. IF it comes up (no pun intended), the possibility of us getting together, then I will just have to suggest "making out" for now, with more to come at a later date...like maybe at my house when I finish spring cleaning...I DO have a jacuzzi, after all! I shouldn't go over there ASSUMING something is going to happen. He may not feel the chemistry I do....okay, that's not true. We actually talked about it last time. He admitted definitely feeling something between us the night of the reunion, & said that HE probably would have acted on it, had he not had a girlfriend waiting at home. So I know the attraction is mutual. But...he could be seeing someone. Nah...no way a girlfriend would allow him to have a female over to spend the night. But...maybe he's not interested anymore or afraid to cross that line with someone he's known so long. Whatever. I will just play it by ear. I would be a willing participant, but I am going to play it cool & not throw myself at him this time. I will just be my witty, charming, flirtacious self...and it something happens, it happens. If not...it doesn't. I am coo, either way.

This weekend we are rehearsing the Presidential show at Knott's. We do it the entire month of February, for President's month. I have to wear the most HIDEOUS costume. I look like a bad-taste Dolly Madison...like someone made my dress out of curtains.
I actually have to wear hip-pads & a bumroll! Yikes! Like I need any more padding! I think some people saw a picture of me in it last year. Giggle worthy, I assure you. I am not sure if we will be rehearsing Sat. & having a soft opening on Sunday (according to my area manager, we were SUPPOSED to start the show this weekend), cause Erin was told we would be rehearsing on Sunday. Whatever.

Sunday night, after work, I am having dinner with my old friend Reggie....and no, we will not be hooking up. We go way back, & are just platonic friends. He's awesome, though, we always have so much fun when we are together. We like to go to dinner at Vitello's, & then have creme brulee for dessert at Le Petite Chateau (shebear & I tried to eat at Vitello's, but they were closed for lunch, & she actually tried the creme brulees, but I don't think she was as impressed as I am!). That's our routine. And Sunday, we are going to participate in "Opera Night" at Vitello's. They have 4 nights where, in the back room, you can bring any sheet music & sing songs! It's HYSTERICAL! Kinda a live karaoke....but for opera & showtunes. Reggie & I got seated there once by mistake, & we almost died laughing! Scott Baio was at the table next to us, & that made it even funnier. Think Vitello's sounds familiar? That is where actor Robert Blake's wife was killed, after they dined there. YUMMY Italian food!

Monday night, I am meeting another guy from the internet, Eric. We have been talking for a while. He's only 25, though. A young-un. The young ones are attracted to me because I look so young, & then they are MORE interested when they find out I am an "older woman." Eric seems really cool, though. We are meeting at Killer Shrimp at 8PM. Killer Shrimp is....well...killer! Dude!

Tuesday night, I am meeting yet another guy from the net. Paul. We are going to see "Mothman Prophecies."
Ooooooo......scary!!!!!! I don't know how much of a potential Paul is...one of his first emails to me said, "You're not like....more than 15 pounds overweight, are you? Because I am attracted to really active, skinny girls." I explained to him that I was NOT remotely skinny. But that he should meet me before he makes a judgment. I fell for a "chubby" guy once...and before him, would have said that would never happen. So we'll see about him.

Daniel also gets back in town next week, & wants to go see "Lord of the Rings." He was one of my faves from all these internet guys (next to John), at least from email correspondence. Very handsome, too. A personal trainer. I hope to see him either Wed., Thurs., Fri., or Sat. night....depending on what night we are both free.

Yes....I am an internet dating slut (& yes, "moms," I am careful....I don't give out my home address, I meet them all in very public places, & don't even give them my phone number at first!). It's all good.
I'm allowed to play the field. It's fine to try on many pairs of jeans until you find a pair that fits just right! ;-
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