February 4th, 2002

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Found a mobile home I liked today....but it was a lot of money.

I really liked the outer color scheme....bright, but definitely me. It's painted with two dull (dull as opposed to neon, not dull as in ugly) tones of pink, with a teal trim. I love teal, & I love pink. It definitely doesn't look like the standard, boring white mobile home.

What's funny is....I think some of these double wide mobile homes are actually LARGER than some regular houses you see, for twice the money. It's just that mobile homes have such a bed rep.

This home had 4BD. Of course, while the master bedroom was a decent size (not much bigger than what I have now, though), the other 3 BDs were tiny. Large enough for a twiz sized bed, a dresser or two..a side table, maybe. I could actually rent out a room or two to friends of mine....two friends have already expressed interest in that. I could charge them $100-200/mo. plus utilities. And when I got to a point where I didn't need to $$ help, I could ask them to move out. I would prefer to be alone, but it would be nice to have friends around for a while, & help with rent. On top of the purchase of the home, you still have to pay $600 space rental. But at least you own the home, & it's not money down the drain. This home has a small but nice fenced in yard. It was built in 1998, & hasn't been moved. It has a woodburning fireplace, which is way nice. There would definitely be room in the backyard for my jacuzzi & maybe a small blow-up pool in the summer. I could definitely get a grill...but I don't know how many friends would visit me this far out! This house is out in Canyon Country, so it's a good 15-30 minutes past where I am now. It has a very nice sized master bath, with a separate shower stall & a round tub. It has a big laundry room, & a storage shed that matches the house paint. But there's no way she is gonna get the price she's asking for....mobile homes depreciate, which is one big drawback of them. You cannot get back what you spent on one....you will lose money in the re-sale. She apparently spent $79K or so on this home, & expects to get all that back (for a 4 year old home) plus closing/listing costs, etc. Riiiight. Mobile homes depreciate like cars....I bought a '98 Beetle for $20K, & just got $11500 for it. That's quite a depreciation, & mobile homes depreciate more, because they are harder & costlier to fix. So she is sadly mistaken if she thinks she will get that amount. Even the real estate agent, Jackie, agrees that she probably won't get that amount. She can ask whatever she wants...doesn't mean she will get it. I am sure my dad could talk them down. It was a nice home that I wouldn't mind living in.

But I don't enjoy even just the thought of physically moving, as I have stated before. Plus, I need to sit down & concentrate on a list of pros & cons.

I saw 2 other homes today...but didn't like either as much. One was in the same park, which was nice compare to others I have seen, but smaller (3BD). The master BD was about the same size, with a bad floor squeak. The master bath was a lot smaller. The 2 other bedrooms were bigger than the 3 others in the bigger home. The carpet was more worn, the home is older ('92). The home had a small backyard, but no fencing & a sharp drop-off. It has a TINY jacuzzi...I find it hard to believe that it would even hold two adults! It was considerably less money ($60K), but I just don't think it was as nice. I also saw a 2BD home in a park that wasn't as nice. The above park wasn't as packed in, there was a little more space between homes, a little more yard. In the others I have seen, the homes tend to be packed in like sardines. I can't stand that. The one in this second park...the home itself was nice, & the complex did have a pool (the other doesn't). It was small, though...but well taken care of (it was built in '89). The husband/father had custom-built the wooden porch & wooden fence...and they were nice. He does nice work. But I think the home was just too small for me (it was shorter than the others) & I didn't care for the park. It was only $47K.

I emailed my dad all about them...since, ultimately, everything is up to him. We'll see what he says/thinks.
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real Alice

Original Quiz answers

I am not going to post the answers (I know, boo-hoo!) to the 2nd, easier quiz until kali & lapintada answer it!!! I think that Wytze should have given it a whirl, too....and rillifane.....and anticrist....but then, they might have....which brings me to a question: Who is "Sparky?" He knows me pretty well.
There were 6 players.

Anyway....here are the answers to the first quiz...if you have yet to take it, do NOT read these answers & go try your knowledge first! :-)

1. What is my favorite movie?

The correct, 10 point answer was "Calamity Jane." NOBODY got this one right. I love this Doris Day musical, & actually want to film a remake of it playing her role, sometime in the future. My character in the saloon show at Knott's, Dusty, was based on the Doris Day role in "Calamity Jane." You got 8 points for answering my 2nd fave, "Princess Bride" (3 votes), 6 points for my next fave, "The Matrix" (1 vote), 4 points for "Princess Diaries" (2 votes), & 2 points for "Other Sister" (no votes). Just because I am in a movie doesn't make it my fave. :-)

2. What is my fave cartoon character?

Winnie the Pooh!!!! 10 points for Winnie the Pooh! I got a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal on my 1st birthday, & I still have him. He's my fave, ever. I have many, many Pooh stuffed animals. He's just so damn cute! My original Pooh is ragged & worn, so he doesn't get slept with anymore (a newer, softer Pooh took his place), but he still holds a special place in my heart & on my bed. 1 person chose correctly. You got 8 points for the more obvious answer, Alice in Wonderland (5 votes). The other choices didn't get any votes, but they are, in order, Cartman, Minnie Mouse (my fave character to play in costume), & Homer Simpson.

3. What is my all-time fave song?

One person got the full 10 points...."When Doves Cry" is my all-time fave song. I remember lying in my king-sized waterbed in my bedroom in Alabama, listening to my walkman, when the local radio station played it for the very first time, well after midnight (it was if I had awaken just to hear it). Currently, "My Sacrifice" is second (2 votes). One person voted for "Material Girl," one for "Goody Two Shoes" (that could be my theme song), & one person inexplicably voted for "Enter Sandman" (you know who you are!). I detest heavy metal & bands like Metallica, Megadeath, Korn, etc....although "Enter Sandman" really isn't that bad of a song.... ;-

4. What is the name of the cat I have had for years?

10 points for Duncan. And guess what, EVERYONE got it right! Yea! Ernie is my newer, adopted cat.

5. What is my dog's name?

10 points for Toby, & again, everyone got it right. It's nice to know that while some seem to not know much about ME, they know my pets well! ;-

6. What was my mother's name?

10 points for Susan. Only one person got it right. I think that one was kinda hard, cause I seriously doubt I have mentioned her by name in my journal, so you'd have to know me pretty well, personally. One person got 4 points for guessing Lynn, which was actually my mother's middle name. Two people got 2 points each for Kathy, but that's actually my sister's name. I figured that name sounded familiar to the two of you, since I use it a lot, which is why that name got points. 2 people guessed Cassandra, which got zero points. Cassie was my great-grandmother's name...I never knew her. But even then, it was just Cassie, not Cassandra. No one guessed Dorothy, which is my sister's legal name (Dorothy Kathleen, but she goes by Kathy) AND my maternal grandmother's name. Which brings us to...

7. What do I call my grandmother?

Only one person guessed correctly: 10 points for Momme Dot. One person earned 6 points for Momma Dot, which is actually what all my friends inevitably call her. I say "Momme" (pronounced Mommy) & my friends somehow hear "Momma." Ironically, while I have always spelled it "Momme," the rest of my family spells it "Mommy." Go figure...I always had to be different. Surprisingly, 4 people guessed Nana Dot, which got them zero points, since other than the Dot, it wasn't even close. I talk about her a LOT (since she's so damn funny), so I am a bit surprised more people didn't get this one right.

8. How many siblings do I have?

Again, I am surprised everyone didn't get this one right. I have one sibling, a sister named Kathy. I speak of my family a lot, & have never mentioned any other sibling (naturally...since I don't have any others). 3 people got 10 points for correctly guessing 1, & 3 people got zero points for guessing 2.

9. What is my fave thing in the world?

OK....I think two of you were trying to be funny by guessing "kissing!" Yes, "kissing" got you two 6 points because I do, indeed, LOVE to kiss....but the blantantly obvious answer is "acting," & the 4 of you who guessed that got 10 points. There is NOTHING in this world I enjoy more than acting...and if I couldn't do it anymore, for whatever reason, I would cease to live. I live to act! "Singing" would have gotten you 8 points, "eating" 4 points, & "dancing" 2 points.

10. What was the 1st professional play I was in?

This was a bit of a trick question. I have been in many, many plays. But only 2 of them were technically "professional" plays...ones in which I actually got paid. Ironically, they were both in Alabama, at the Birmingham Children's Theatre. One of you got 10 points for guessing correctly..."Snow White & the Seven Dwarves." I played a Dwarf...complete with a fat suit, a head cap with a mohawk, deep voice, & Amber Benson (who plays Tara on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") was in it with me. I was 15 years old...it was my first real show, & I got paid! I missed school for 4-6 weeks, & maintained straight A's, with a tutor & special assignments. The only other technically professional show I've done was "Best Christmas Pageant Ever," at the same theatre. I was in Moliere's "The Learned Ladies" when I was 16 or 17 (0 votes) at the Alabama School of Fine Arts, "West Side Story" at La Habra Depot Theatre when I was 19 (1 vote), "Alice in Wonderland" at Anaheim Children's Theatre around the same age (3 votes), & "Grease" in early 2000 (1 vote)....and none of those paid anything (such a deal....getting my immense acting talents for FREE!).

The highest scorer so far was Lizziepooh!!!!

Thanks for playing, hope it was fun or entertaining....or at least a little enlightening!
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(no subject)

Crap, crap, crap....

Emailed my dad all the details about the homes I saw today. I was kinda excited about that one that I liked.

Then I got a long reply from him. He spoke to Joe, the agent handling the home I saw on Friday. I had told Joe that my credit was pretty crappy, but that I had EXCELLENT referrals (my current landlords adore me, & my last managers like me so much they had me call them Grandma & Grandpa). He said that should be good enough. Because, even though my dad would be buying the home, the park still requires a rental agreement, & I would have to be on that lease...meaning they would run a credit check on me. He also said that most of the parks require the owner to live there...to prevent the owner from renting out the home to 10 sleezeballs. Also, even though I would have great referrals, they look at current income for the lease agreement. I am only working weekends these days, with sporadic weekday gigs thrown in. At a minimum, I make around $500 a month...and it just depends on any addition money.
According to my dad, all these things are against me.
But here are my arguments to these points.

First of all....how do they really know your income? If someone knows something I don't, please educate me. But as far as I know, they can't really know for sure. I know they ask for your bank account info, but they can't judge how much money you make per month by how much you currently have in your account. Some people might have $600 in their account on a given day, & $25 on another given day. Do they get an average from the bank? As far as work, I don't think my employer can give out any info other than to confirm or deny that I work for them. They can't comment on my job performance, they can't tell my hourly rate, they can't tell them how many hours I work per week...at least that is my understanding. And even if they did, I think they would tell them that I average 21-23 hours a week, since I work full-time in the summer. I could put down an approx. of what I make in a year, since that amounts to more, with my family trust. The amount I get from the trust varies month to month, but is generally the same amount, total, in a year.

As far as the owner living there....two things...one, couldn't my dad just say this is his So. Cal vacation home (like no one has those), & his daughter will be living in it full-time to take care of it for him? Or, couldn't he tell them that he is buying this for me, but that his daughter will be living there, & he is willing to put it in writing that his daughter is living there & that it's not being rented out to strangers? OR my dad could give me the money to buy it (unless it needs to be financed, which he'd have to do through his name, not mine). And come on...don't tell me no one rents out their mobile homes. That rule must vary from park to park. In fact, the real estate agent told me that the lady who is selling the home I like is going to rent it out if she can't get her asking price. So, that excuse is bullshit. Plus...I am planning on applying as a ticket seller (talk about a waste of my talents & intelligence) soon...so maybe I will have more income by then, anyway. The space rental at this one place is $600. I would be surprised if finding out that I have paid rent----on-time----for 5 years in the amounts of $610-800/mo. ruled me out as a tenant. If that's the case....fuck 'em.
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