February 5th, 2002

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More mobile home rantings.....

Jackie, my real estate agent, called me today. She got further info on the park I liked. What a bunch of cheapskates! They make the "tenants" responsible for trash, sewage, etc. The space rental is $621/mo.!
That's crazy! All that's included in that price is a crappy rec. room...which I'd never use. They don't include water, I'd have to start paying for that (as many different places as I've lived, I've never paid for water!). I am trying to lower my expenses, not add to them! $621 isn't much of a break off my current $800 rent! And while, yes, at least it would be something I own, I would be paying $621 for land that will never be mine...what's the difference from renting? What a pain! I did some research into HUD homes, but they are not that much cheaper than regular for sale homes, plus you have to do work on them (sold "as is"), plus they are mostly in crappy areas of town.

It's looking like I will be going no where, which is mostly good. I had said I wouldn't move again until I could afford to buy a nice home that will be mine...I don't think a mobile home really fits in that catagory. If this year turns out to be good for me, career-wise, like I feel it will be, then I will be able to buy a house soon enough. I just have to hold on until that day comes. I long for the day when I can purchase my own 3BD, 2BA (or 3BA!) home, with a pool/jacuzzi, 2 car garage, sizeable backyard, & fireplace. Ahhh....what a lovely thought. It will happen...I just have to be patient.

So Alicia did a "reading" for me. She said that romance isn't in the cards for me right now. Some dating....but nothing serious. She also saw the name Mark, but I don't know anyone by that name. She stills seems the same career things, that things start seriously rolling for me in April/May, but even a knew one....a great opportunity coming in late March that will bring in more opportunities. Sounds great to me.

Eric did call me. He jokingly brought up how I deleted him from my match list of over 90 men. He wants to hook up this week. He may not turn into something serious, but he's fun to spend time with. Cute & personable. I am going to give him a call later tonight or tomorrow.

My landlord might take Toby. I can't be sure of that yet, but she's definitely interested, & she LOVES animals. She said there was also a lady down the street who was thinking about getting a dog. I am excited with the prospect of Toby getting a better home. Plus, I'd get to go visit him anytime I want.
real Alice

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This guy I "met" on the internet a long time ago wants to meet....he cracks me up, though. He used to model, & the pics (2) he has of himself online are HOT. Today, for the first time, he sent me a more recent pic....and he looks NOTHING like the others. It doesn't even look like the same person. I just find that interesting....and a bit of a misrepresentation. What a shock for the internet, eh?
I still plan to meet him, but I don't plan to be terribly impressed. People automatically lose points with me when they are deceptive.
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This "how well do you know me" quiz is turning out to be enlightening.

I cannot believe how many people picked "Nana Dot" for what I call my grandmother. I talk about her ALL the time. I always have hysterical Momme Dot stories.
The people who know me really well got this one right, but those who only know me fairly casually got it wrong. And of all the names to guess...Nana Dot. Thank the Lord that's not what I call her! :-)

I am also surprised how many people guessed "singing" over "acting" for my fave thing in the world. Anyone who knows me really well...or I think even fairly well...would know that I have no bigger love or passion over acting. Yes, I love to sing....I love it a lot...it was my second choice. But acting is the true love of my life. One friend even chose "eating"...but surely she was joking, because acting seems so obvious???? And kissing...yes, I love to kiss, but love it over acting? Riiiiight.

How many siblings I have....I feel that one was easy, & was surprised how many people guessed 2...(maybe not so easy for more casual friends, but there were long-time friends that got that one wrong!).

But the most revealing question/answer to me was the question about what my fave song is. I can't believe how many people chose "Material Girl." I don't know if that means they think/know I am a Madonna fan, or that they all think I am so materialistic that I would have that as my theme song. I wonder about that one...although, I am pretty materialistic, so I can hardly be insulted by that.

Anyone who knows me should have gotten my cat's name....but I wouldn't expect everyone to have gotten my dog's name, my sister's name (although I thought that was pretty easy, since I speak of her a lot), my fave movie (I liked all those choices...but only people close to me would know of my desire to be in the remake of "Calamity Jane."), my fave cartoon character was a bit of a trick question (only those close to me would have known the correct answer), my all-time fave song was a hard one, as was my mother's name...since I normally only talk about her as "mom," not by her first name. I also wouldn't have expected anyone beyond people very close to me (or who have known me a very long time) to know the "first professional play" answer.

All in all....it has definitely been interesting, & I'm glad I did it...it shows me who I need to spend more time with! :-)
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