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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Tuesday, February 12th, 2002

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Yep.....I'm obsessing...how pathetic.

Still haven't heard from Eric. He didn't have any plans for tonight, so I just find it odd. He wasn't online all day today, which is VERY unusual. He told me himself that he's always logged on, & always on instant messenger, especially at work. I can't help but think that him not being on today was to avoid me. I swear, I wouldn't have IMed him. But something unusual is definitely going on. Maybe he got another date, & wanted to check out this other girl. Who knows? I just find it extremely peculiar, that after seeing me 4 days in a row, that he wouldn't try to contact me at all. Nothing bad happen...nothing to piss him off or turn him away. Heck, the last time, HE called ME & offered to come over & give me a massage & tuck me into bed...and when I acted like I would rather him not come over, since I was really tired, he insisted he didn't want to come over to "grub," just honestly to give me a relaxing massage. I didn't even really invite him to sleep over, he just kinda did. I merely suggested we lay down, since we were both tired, & he said, "Can you set an alarm for the morning?" So that's why this is all odd to me. There was definite interest on his end. I didn't do anything to change that. So I am very confused. Maybe it's something as "minor" as him wanting to back off a little after 4 days in a row, & getting closer...but I am not interested in men who play games.

Whatever....I am supposed to meet Rich this weekend, Kyle wants me to come over for a massage (soooo smooth!), & Erick wants to hook up this week, even offering to hook up on VD. I am also supposed to meet Justin either this week or next, & he's just adorable. So...in other words, even though I was starting to really like Eric, I am not going to sit around & wait for my phone to ring. Yes, I will STILL wonder what happened & WHY he is acting this way, because I am that obsessively curious type. I don't ever care so much that someone doesn't like me, I just like to know WHY they don't. Odd, I know. Other than tonight, I really wouldn't have any time to see Eric, anyway. It looks like I might meet up with Erick (so many Eric/Ericks, it's confusing) tomorrow night, then I am having a get together for VD (a lonely hearts party) on Thursday, & then my friend, Erin, is spending the night on Friday night, & like I previously mentioned, I am supposed to meet Rich on Saturday night. I keep thinking I already had something on Saturday night, though. Oh yeah....Eric is supposed to come to Knott's on Saturday with Reggie, to see us perform our cheesy show. If he were to do that, I would want to hang out with him after work, in the park, but if he is going to back out of it, then I will just meet up with Rich. Rich is another guy I met on Hot or Not (all these guys are). He mentioned that he wrote for "MadTV," & when I mentioned an episode I worked on, he totally remembered me. I don't think he's my type, truthfully...but it's only fair to give him a chance.

Crap...that means that I have to call Eric. I have to. I already told Reggie that Eric would go with him, so I need to know for sure...also, so I can plan my Saturday night. Crap.....oh well. I also have to get a CD back from him that he borrowed, so either way, even if he DOESN'T want to see me again, I still have to talk to him & see him again. Better that I talk to him now & ask him about Saturday, cause that will show interest or disinterest...and then I can take things from there.

Plenty of fish in da sea...just need to keep reminding myself of that....

Current Mood: irritated
What color am I?


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'Tis funny cause yellow is just about the only color I don't wear.

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Well, I finally uploaded some pictures to my journal.
I plan to alternate them...and maybe use certain pics for certain posts, depending on my mood. I spent a few hours shrinking photos to use. I am sure there is a quicker, easier way than how I did it...but I don't know it, so it took me some time.

Eric update...I did what I said I wouldn't, but I am glad that I did. After speaking to the sage towanda, I decided to IM him, since I saw him online. The plan was to just say something casual, & imply that I wasn't going to bother him, that I just wanted to say "hi." He actually engaged me in a fairly long conversation...and it was a good & entertaining one.

For part of our online conversation clickCollapse )

Current Mood: calm
This is just a

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