February 26th, 2002

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I need a really good dictionary. Anyone got a hand-me-down they don't use anymore? Or any suggestions on a good one to buy if I visit a bookstore online???? I want a really good dictionary that has, like, every conceivable word in it, & good, detailed definitions. Mine is this thin piece of crap. I want to find a word in the dictionary every day that I don't know, & learn a new word daily. That would be really cool.

I am trying to decide about buying this cool VHS-C camcorder online...it's a really good deal, but I am going back & forth on how much I NEED it. I actually could definitely get some good use out of it. I have a digital camcorder, but I think it would be really handy to have a VHS-C one, too....one that I could record things & immediately just put the tape in my VCR. The auctions end tomorrow....so I have to decide by then. I suppose if I bought it & never used it (doubtful), I could always re-sell it. I don't know how to make up my mind. I know I would use it, I know it would be very handy...but do I NEED it? The answer is, yes & no. How to decide...

My dumb sister emailed me AGAIN today. This time, she tried to come at things from a "I'm just worried about you & want to help you angle."
I wrote back & said, "What part of 'don't contact me again' did you not grasp...because it's really not a difficult concept." I again tried to explain to her that it's not as much what she says as much as it's HOW she says it. Approach is EVERYTHING with me. You can say something one way & it won't bother me....you can say basically the exact same thing with a different, rougher approach, & it will bother me very much. That is a concept I am trying to get across to certain friends, too. Attitude is EVERYTHING. Which is better....when a good girlfriend asks you if she looks fat in a bikini she's trying on, to say (A) "Well...it's not the most flattering one you have tried on...I liked the blue one better," or (B) "Honey, you look like friggin' Shamu!"?????????????????????? Both are getting the same damn point across...but one is much more gentle. One will hurt...one won't. One is being a GOOD, honest friend...one is being a hurtful bitch...hurtful to someone you claim to care about. Doesn't make sense to me. Tone & attitude are everything. Well....with me, anyway.
Unfortunately, that's something my sister, among others, simple doesn't get.

OK...watching "Smallville." We all know I like men to have a head full of hair....I don't like bald guys, & I don't like balding guys...I don't like buzz cuts, etc. But can I just say how damn sexy that Michael Rosenthal is? They made him shave bald for the role of Lex Luthor....and he is SO damn sexy, I can barely stand it. Yeah, Tom Welling (Superman) is hot...he is a pretty boy. Absolutely beautiful & expressive. But Michael is VERY sexy. I am sure it has more to do with his charisma & personal sex appeal than his head being bald....but it's EXTREMELY rare for me to find someone bald attractive.

I did call my grandmother today & explained that I DID send a thank you note...and sent off another one today. She said she didn't care about getting a thank you note...she just wanted a phone call cause she was worried about sending that amount of money through the mail. I probably should have called her...but I always think in terms of sending an immediate thank you note whenever someone does something nice for me....I send her thank you notes after Xmas, after she helps me with anything, after the cruises....but she is placated now.

I saw my ex boyfriend, Robert, today....read all about that hereCollapse )
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