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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Tuesday, March 12th, 2002

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I am absolutely stunned. No, another friend didn't tell me she was a lesbian. ;-�

I sent my father an email yesterday. In a polite, joking manner (saying I was putting my size 6 foot down), I asked him to please stop nagging me about whether I've gotten the truck fixed, whether I've gotten a job, how much money I have, how I'm spending it, etc. I told him that he would be the first to know whenever things change in those arenas. I told him, due to this ulcer, I really need to cut my stress, & not be nagged by my family so much.

He wrote back a stunningly nasty, sarcastic response....one I simply didn't appreciate.....

You can read it here, & tell me if I am wrong to be upset.Collapse )

Current Mood: crushed
Think I'm gonna have a coke float....it sounds good, anyway. Caffeine free Coke, of course. :-)

I have to finish working on the jacuzzi this afternoon. I already took the blue tarp off, which had living creatures in it. Ick. The jacuzzi's been covered since last summer. It's pretty dirty inside, too. I am going to try to clean it without having to drain it...since it doesn't drain. I'd have to use a wet/dry vac....and what a pain that would be. When I get any water in the backyard, it turns into a mud bath. There's a bunch of dirt on the bottom...not so bad, but I don't know if my crappy vacumn will clean it. Maybe I should get a better one. I tested the water....there's no bromine left (no shock there), the pH level is fine, but the alkalinity is low. I am going to take some water to Leslie's Pool Supplies tomorrow & see what I need to put in the water. The water level is low, but not as bad as I expected. I am going to go work on it after my soap is over, & I have a lot to do. I need to clean the cover. Even under the tarp, it got dirty. I have to clean the heating pad on top of the water. I will try to vacumn it. I have to cut a round hole in the heating pad in order to make my "invention" work. That's something I will write about if it works. I will be testing it out...it might not be such a brilliant idea. We'll see. If it works, it will be fucking brilliant...but I can't take all the credit, since my friend Michael gave me the idea, & the guy at Lowe's helped me figure out how to make it happen.

It's gonna be a mess in the backyard, with the hose on, & all the dirt. Ick. I really want to make the entire backyard concrete. But that will take a lot of money. Which I ain't got. Naturally.

I can't believe how fast weeds grow in my backyard...even THROUGH the concrete. Amazing.

Current Mood: determined
Is anyone who's reading this going to the LJ Bash in Los Angeles? I am going (Saturday night only) & would love to meet some people there. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Current Mood: curious
Stolen from faeriewitch

Like OMG! I am a Junior Tampon. I like pizza, ice cream, hanging out with friends, the Backstreet Boys, going to movies....

Take the What Feminine Protection Product Would You Be? Quiz
That Coke float was crap. The Coke was fine...I think the frozen yogurt tasted icky. What a bummer.

Current Mood: disappointed

Andrea Yates has been found guilty of capital murder. This can be a death penalty case.

They found that she was of sound mind when she killed her kids.

Thoughts? Opinions? Agree with the verdict? Angered by it? Over it?

Current Mood: pleased
Went to Wendy's for dinner. I am trying to eat a bit healthier, or at least, not so greasy & spicy. I usually go to Wendy's & get a burger or a chicken sandwich & a plain baked potato with some sour cream. Yum. Twice in the last 3 days, I have asked for a "sour cream & chives baked potato with NO chives," & they have covered it in chives. Ick. Chives=bad. How difficult can it be to get that order right? What part of "no chives" do you think they aren't getting?
I spent 5 minutes picking the chives off. What an annoyance. I should just buy my own potatoes...but I NEVER cook them the right amount of time....I either over or under cook them. And it's only a buck at Wendy's.

My jacuzzi invention worked but not perfectly. Read about it here.Collapse )

Current Mood: complacent

I just did some research about ulcers.

It says that they can take 8 weeks to heal, although you generally feel better in 2 weeks.

Apparently, most ulcers---while aggravated by diet & stress---are caused by a bacteria called H. pylori. My doc needs to do some tests to see if I have that bacteria in my system.

Current Mood: anxious

So this guy clicks on my profile on HotorNot.com. I thought he looked kinda decent, so I clicked yes to him.

He responded with this LOOOONG email, telling me why I should date him.

Two of the reasons amused/disgusted me:
-can last 35-50 minutes without Viagra
-I trim my pubes

Ummm....does this schmuck or any other man think that having intercourse for 35-50 minutes straight is a PLUS??? You gotta be kidding me. Am I unusual? Am I the only woman who is annoyed by this? Foreplay is lots of fun....but I don't want actual intercourse going any longer than 5-10 minutes...that's all I can handle. And the whole shebang---foreplay included---shouldn't be longer than 30-60 minutes. That's just me. But I DETEST "marathon" men...men who just keep going, like the energizer bunny....and then they want to go again in 15-30 minutes. **sigh** I'm going to write him back & inform him that---to me---THAT is NOT a plus, in fact, it's a serious turn-OFF!
The trimming of the pubes...that's a wonderful thing, everybody should trim, but I find that strange to announce to an absolute stranger...but again, maybe that's just me...

Am I ever going to find a man whose sex drive is as small as mine?

Current Mood: amused & irritated

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