March 14th, 2002

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Sleeeeeepy...going to bed now.

They changed the call time to a half hour later tomorrow. I have to be on the set at 12:30PM. It sounds like it might be a really late night....while I don't mind making overtime pay, I hope I am not there TOO late. I can guarantee the lead actors don't like being there too late.

The seminar tonight was informative. Juliette Lewis looks the best I have ever seen her look. She's grown her hair out, made it blonde, & just looks happy & healthy. At one point, this dufus guy in the back kept asking these dumb questions, & then started talking about how he's late everywhere. The casting director, Lisa, was trying to figure out what his problem is, when Juliette announces matter-of-factly into the microphone (thus booming through the speakers), "He needs to lay off the pot." ROFL! I thought that was hysterical. Especially since I know Juliette was on drugs when Garry Marshall offered her the role in "Other Sister," & told her if she wanted the role, she had to "get clean." Well, she did, obviously, & I believe she's been clean every since. The guy turned bright red & laughed, & certainly didn't deny you know it was true. He even had that whole "surfer dude" way of talking.

Lisa totally remembered me...that's a good thing. She's starting to cast a lot of stuff again, too. Excellent. Who knows? She also mentioned, "So if I wanted to take my kids to Knott's Berry Farm, I could give you a call?" Ummmm...yeah! Especially if it will get us better acquainted, you'll see me perform...and if the part of a petite, curvy, youthful looking blonde comes around...I'm your gal!

I then watched a REALLY lame short film about Scientology. It seriously cracked me up. I was laughing outloud at a very serious, dramatic part. The guy on the film---who had really bouncy, silly hair---said, "You can walk out those doors & never mention Scientology ever again. That's all right with us, you can do that. You can also walk off a bridge to your death. You can fire a loaded gun at your head, too." Heh-heh...the implication being, if you didn't start following Scientology, you were gonna die! It doesn't seem that funny here, but the guy was SO serious on the film, the background music was swelling & very dramatic....did I mention his silly hair? Very, very amusing.

More tomorrow....or maybe Friday...I dunno...peace out!
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real Alice

Just a brief note before bed....

Just got home from working on "Philly." It was SUCH a great show to work on. The crew was SO nice. The older actress who plays the judge who keeps the dog on her desk is a WONDERFUL person, really down to Earth & kind. As she drove off the lot when we were dismissed, she stopped to say goodnight to us, & I told her, "I just wanted to let you know that I watch the show, & I think you are so great. Every time you're on the screen, you are so diva! And now that I see that you are so nice in person, that makes you even greater!" She was really humbled & moved, & said, "Those are great words, thank you so much for that." She really appreciated it. That's the kind of working actor I like/respect...cause even thought she may not be a "name" yet, her part on that show ain't small! Tom Everett Scott & Rick Hoffman said "hi" to me & smiled a few times, but they kept mostly to themselves. I stood in for a least I think she was a midget...what's the difference between a midget & a dwarf? She was TINY. She actually works a lot, & the other midget or dwarf in the scene was a male one who works ALL THE TIME. I've seen him in many films & TV shows. When I sat in her place, I had to slump, & when I stood in place for her, I had to kneel on my knees on a pad. But I probably worked a total of 1 hour the entire day. I got there, & about an hour or so later, got released to lunch, without having done anything. $125 for 8 hours, one hour of actually work---collectively---, one hour overtime, free food....nope, nope...can't beat it with a stick!

I met a really cute crew guy, Leon. Don't like that name, but whatever! I think he's really young though, & you know how I feel about younger men right now (BAD NEWS). He's really cute, though, & he has the most adorable smile...and the best thing? A British least, I think it was British. :-) Definitely wasn't American. Tall....I like 'em tall! I had the lighting guy give him my phone number, cause I got dismissed, & wasn't going to see him again. He knew I was checking him out, but he was checking me out, too. Like, every time he'd walk by me in the hall, I'd look over, & he'd look over at me at the same time, & we'd both smile shyly. Yes, I can be shy. Shocking, I know. But if I like a guy, & I don't know him, I AM shy! I doubt he'll call...for one thing, he could very well have a girlfriend...or he could think I'm a freak....or he could have been looking at me thinking, "That's the ugliest girl I've ever seen!" Ya just never know. If he calls, great...if he doesn't, that's fine, too.

My hand is swollen...very odd. The webbed part in between my thumb & first finger, the part you rub when you have a's swollen on my right hand! And it really hurts. In fact, it's hurting to type...but it mostly hurts when I touch it or squeeze it (yeah, yeah, stop squeezing it you say). Even if I did something to make that muscle sore, it wouldn't be swollen. If I burst a blood vessel, it would be blue. There is no discoloration. Very odd...but it hurts!

I ate a bunch of (free) crap on the set today. I just can't resist that kind of temptation. And my ulcer was NOT happy about it. **sigh**

Hanging out with Amy at Hollywood & Highland tomorrow. I will drive my car to the NoHo Metro Rail station, & take that (alone....scary) to H&H, where I will meet Amy (who will already be in Hollywood to see her boyfriend), & then we will take the Metro Rail back to my house. It's odd to ride a "subway" in Los Angeles. Then, tomorrow night, Cheri will join us, & we are all gonna get topless in my jacuzzi...IF it's hot by tomorrow night. I have had the heat on since Tuesday, but the water was FREEZING, so it's taking a while to heat it. I need to test the water in the morning, too, make sure it's good to go. The bromine level might be high (I put 3 tablets in, since it didn't have ANY). Amy was going to invite Mary, too, so she might be coming with us. That'd be cool. I won't expect to spend nothing, but I need to be careful to not spend too much.

More tomorrow....