March 15th, 2002

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Stolen from aunticrist

1. What was your first job?
Well, I did a professional play ("Snow White & the Seven Dwarves," & yes, I WAS a smartass comments, please) when I was 15, so I got paid for that. But as far as so-called "real jobs," I believe my first paying one was working for Baskin Robbins, which my uncle owned, so I got roped into it. I think I was 16. I HATED it, with a passion.

2. Have you ever had an affair or fling with someone you worked with?
Yesh. Never a wise idea, but ya like who ya like!

3. Have you ever shoplifted? If yes, what did you steal?
Nope....never. My sister did while with me once, & I almost kicked her little thief ass.

4. What was your favorite childhood toy?
I don't think I could narrow it down to one. I had a huge bucket (it was actually a plastic sewing kit) of tons of crayons, cause I loved coloring books. I also liked paint by numbers & Shrinky Dinks. I LOVED paper dolls & Barbies, & Strawberry Shortcake & her friend. I had a "little people" boat & bunches of "little people" that I liked to bathe with. I liked playing with dolls. I loved my Big Wheel & I also loved My First Oven or whatever that thing was that let you bake your own little cakes & stuff. Yum. If I had to narrow it down, I guess I would say Barbies & paper dolls.

5. What are your plans this weekend?
Having girlfriends spend the night & jacuzzi tonight (Fri.), working tomorrow, working Sunday, & probably seeing an ex-fling from Minnesota on either Sat or Sun night...or probably getting laid. ;-�
real Alice

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Off I go to clean my living room...getting started WAY too late, of course....what a shock, since I am NEVER a procrastinator. Heh...

Odd thing just happened...I am sitting at my 'puter, with sweatpants on & I frequently do, cause that's usually how I sleep. My cat Ernie jumps on my lap...again, normal. And then he LICKS my nipple. And NO, I did NOT find it pleasurable....for one thing, I don't get off on cats, & for another...ever been licked by a cat? Hello, sandpaper. Ick.

Just wanted to share. :-)
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Here I sit at home, cause my friend Amy kinda flaked on me.

We were supposed to meet at Hollywood & Highland mall around 3-4ish. I waited & waited for her to call, after I paged her boyfriend twice (she was with him).

She finally called around 2, & said she was going with her boyfriend to his dentist appointment. HUH? We have had these plans for 2-3 days. What's the oddest thing about it is while he sits there getting his tooth drilled on for 2 hours, she's just going to be sitting in the waiting room. He's had this appointment for a while, so if she'd wanted to be with him, she shouldn't have made plans with me. Ugh! That irritates! We might still meet there later, but geez. I worked hard all day cleaning my house. I was ready to go to the mall. Oh well. I may not get there at all. His appointment was at 3, & it's almost 4:30 now, & not a peep from her.

Cheri is supposed to come over tonight, & Amy should be here tonight....I will be really irritated if I have had the jacuzzi heat on for 3 days & cleaned for nothing...granted, I needed to clean anyway, so no biggie there. just got really feet are freezing.

I need to get into the bathtub...gotta shave my legs, zzzzzzzzz....
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