March 24th, 2002

real Alice

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Disney Princesses
Which of the Disney Princesses are you?

You are a true bookworm and dream of a life better than the simple, quiet one you lead now. Your good looks can attract the town jerks, but you manage to ignore them most of the time. Sometimes you feel like you're surrounded by idiots. So what are you waiting for? You don't need your father to be kidnapped to get out and see the world. Although you can be stubborn, you're also very compassionate and see beyond people's fa�ades.

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I just got home from the LJ Bash. Whew! Some crazy peeps out there in LJ land! Crazy, but mostly great.

Can I just say I adored giddycam, adrienned, vixyash, crazy23, lizvang, missprincess, quenya, crankyangel, etc?????
I enjoyed meeting everyone! It was so great! I boogied down all night, had a blast....I got kissed by adrienned, how lucky can I get? crazy23 is just absolutely adorable! I didn't know giddycam at all before this night, but she's going on the friend's list now! :-)

Maybe more details tomorrow....I am really tired now. I should have gone back to Adrienne's room at the hotel, but I KNOW I would have gotten into ALL kinds of trouble if I had done that.

Thanks to jenont & robont for putting everything together (& anyone else involved).
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