March 25th, 2002

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Let me just begin by saying that abqd is very handsome. I waited for him to make a move....**sigh**....he never did. Bummer.
;-� It's all with beer breath don't turn me on anyway....heh-heh...but what a cutie!!!!!! Yum!!!! :-)

crankyangel is really hot, too...I love & admire her free spirit. She invited me to a very tempting get-together on Sunday, but due to work obligations, I wasn't able to make it. I hope she invites me again! ;-�

Hmmmm....lots of randoms thoughts floating through my head.

Where to start....

Been reading everyone's LJ Bash stories. I can't help but be a bit bummed that I didn't make a bigger impression on people & meet more people....but then, I wasn't around much. I wasn't involved at all until Saturday night (most people bonded Friday night....I hear it was pretty wild), & then I was only at EinStein's, I didn't go back to the hotel. But I imagine that was a wise decision, for different reasons.

I am NOT a party girl. I am against drinking (well, definitely against excessive drinking), & naturally, there was a LOT of that going on. It's just not something I understand. I was blessed with a natural high, so I have never understood getting artificial ones. Hey, no condemnation---whatever floats your boat, & as long as you aren't driving a car---but I just don't understand it. I was uncomfortable as it was at EinStein's....I imagine I would have been REALLY uncomfortable at the hotel. Also, I am allergic to cigarette smoke, so I couldn't hang out on EinStein's balcony at all to meet the people outside, cause I couldn't be around the smoke....and the smoke in people's hotel rooms would have sent me to the hospital. As a further reason....I probably would have gotten naked in the very hot & tempting adrienned's jacuzzi, & probably would have made out with her, too....IF I was lucky! So that would have been dangerous temptation! Hey, what can I say? I am really not into chicks, but she's really hot, & a damn good kisser, too (even just from the sneak peek I got). And since my "gettin' my grub on" policy is to only be with sober men, I would be a hypocrit to be a with a drunk woman! ;-�
So, all in all, it's a good thing I didn't go back to the hotel...but I can't help but feel I missed out on a lot. But I make my decisions in life....and this is the (very difficult) path I chose to follow in life. The non-partying lifestyle. I suppose it makes me very boring, & makes me miss out on a lot, I am.

It looks like quenya & vixyash had a friggin' blast! {{jealous}} ;-�

I had wanted to meet bakatenshi & triscuit (who were there & I just didn't see them) & sunnijane & faeriewitch & aunticrist & grynz & blooddoll (who were NOT there). I am sure there are others I am (unintentionally) leaving off....

I understand there were some ugly "backstage" drama going on, & that's sad to hear. I always feel bad when the people who work so hard to plan something go through a hassle. What a bummer. But they did such a good thing...and such a good job...and they are appreciated.

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real Alice

(no subject) here are two of my fave new wigs. I am considering taking new headshots in one or both of these wigs (I favor the longer one....I think I look a bit like Peter Pan in the pixie-ish wig). Please let me know what you think. And there will be more to come...

Wig #1

Wig #2