March 26th, 2002

real Alice

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I've gotten home late every night, which is unusual for me. Nope, not a night owl, that's for sure. I had TWO auditions tonight...well, one was an audition, one was a call-back. I probably didn't get either part....Alice in "The New Adventures of Alice in Wonderland," (because I had to leave the call-back early to get to the next audition, & it's never good when you are "out of sight, out of mind") & Annie in "Annie Get Your Gun" (because I would miss a full week of shows due to my family cruise, & also, I don't think they think I look old enough for that role...damnit).

I did my best, & will talk about them more when I am not so tired.

Drat....the more I read about everyone's LJ Bash adventures, the more I wish I had gotten more involved...I am a bit jealous, & can only hope for the 2nd Annual LA LJ Bash. :-)

Got some really shitty news tonight...and again, will explain when I am not so tired. **sigh**
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