March 27th, 2002

real Alice

Could be good news, could be bad news

I just got a call from the stage manager of Golden State Theatre, where I auditioned for "The New Adventures of Alice in Wonderland." I got cast as Alice. I am amazed because I read one scene (plus one where I had two VERY small lines, "Hi, Mr. Catepillar" & "Who?"), & had to leave, & there were quite a few other potential Alices there. One little girl sang really well, but she was a very small, young looking 14, & didn't read that well. I think I was by far the best reader, & of course, I naturally look like Alice in Wonderland, as we all know. This will be the 4th time I have played the role. I guess I was kinda born for it...although, I think I am beginning to slip out of the age range. I think it will be a fun cast, from what I saw last night, & the people are great to work with. I have auditioned for them 2-3 times, & they are just great people. Very nice, fun, etc. BUT...the drawbacks are these: the run is very short. There's a buttload of rehearsals JUST to do 4-5 performances. It almost doesn't seem worth it. Also, the drive is REALLY far for me. On nights that I have rehearsal, I won't be able to book any extra/stand-in work. I will either have to get some sort of part-time mall job in OC, or a temp job in OC, so that I am already down there. If this was summer, it wouldn't be any big deal, cause I'd be at Knott's all day & could just drive right over to rehearsal (it's very close to Knott's). So crap....I don't know what I will do about that.

Also, I am still auditioning for "Cabaret" today. I doubt, however, that they will give me a legitimate shot, cause it's such a racy role...and people just don't look at me & think RACY. They look at me & think Alice in Wonderland! ;- And tomorrow, I am auditioning for "Snow White" at Garry Marshall's theatre, the Falcon. If I got "Snow White," that would be SO much more convenient to my life, since it's practically down the street from me. It also pays a LITTLE. "Cabaret" would be a LOOOONG haul, too, with the same logistical problems as "Alice," but it's dinner theatre.

I haven't heard whether or not I got a call-back for "Annie Get Your Gun," but I'm guessing I didn't. The producer/director loves me...I played the Little Mermaid in his production of the same name. He got up & gave me a big hug last night at the audition. And while I look young, persona-wise, I am perfect for Annie (but...again, the age thing...think: it was played by Bernadette Peters, Reba McEntire, & Susan Lucci on Broadway recently....they are a BIT older than me, & I can still play teenagers!). I think my conflicts bumped me out of the running immediately. They COULD cast an understudy, but I don't think they usually operate that way. It's always SMART to do that, since actors lose their voices, get sick, etc...but a lot of places don't bother, & just hope for the best, I guess. Also, I saw Tim (the director/producer) downstairs just before I left, & I commented on how even though I felt I was starting to look older, I didn't think anyone would cast me in a role my actual age (30), & he said, "" And Annie is played age 20-30. It would be interesting to see what would have happened had I had no conflicts. I didn't hear any other people singing for Annie that well. And the song I sang, which is FROM the show, I sing at Knott's in the summer, in the saloon show. And it's a good song for me. Annie just fits my personality...but oh well. I can't exactly cancel my family cruise!

Everything happens for a reason....I have to keep reminding myself of that! :-)

More later....
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