March 28th, 2002

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You�re Britney Spears! Face it, ya got it made. You�re sexy and popular, and have tons of people craving to be you. Sure, you�ve got some enemies out there, but you�ve also got a lot of people wishing they were with you. You�re the kind of person who knows you�re hot, and you�re not afraid to go all out to prove it.

What Kind of Pop Princess Are You? Quiz by Jonah
real Alice

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Had my first cast meeting, with the Alice crew.....there are a couple of people I LOVE in the cast, already. Still haven't worked out what I will do for $$$ during the days/during the week. It's very confusing & a bit scary. I need to make enough money to cover my bills AND have money saved up for my cruise at the end of June. Not gonna do either making minimum wage.

My damn ankle is swollen & badly bruised (more on the inside than visually). I was propping up our heavy wooden "Please stay off the stage" sign at work, & the fucker fell back on my ankle bone. Can you say, "OUCH!?!?!?" It hurts a little to walk, & shoes hurt it, & if I touch it to anything, it's excrutiatingly painful.

Still need to post my pics from the LJ Bash. I didn't get too many, since I was involved all of 2-3 hours. I will try to upload them tomorrow & get them posted. They aren't that exciting, though.

I know it's selfish, but I hope they will have another LJ Bash in Los Angeles, or at least, somewhere nearby. I cannot afford to go anywhere too far away. Sadly.

OK....explain this to me. They just had a story about an adorable abused dog on TV. They said there was a line of people to adopt the dog once he's all healed up. Ummm...where's the line of people to adopt an unwanted dog on death row at the friggin' pound? Dogs over 1 year old generally have between 3-7 days before they are put to sleep, if no one wants them. In LA County, I think some crazy number like 400,000 dogs are put to sleep every year...cause people are too ignorant to spay & neuter, & let their dogs roam the neighborhood. Don't buy dogs or cats at pet stores...adopt one at the pound, save him from certain death. Why does a dog have to get attention on TV to get adopted? Go look at the faces of the ones at the pound....

Sorry...ranting.... it just me, or does it piss anyone else off when you are driving in the fast lane to pass some slower cars, & some JACKASS starts riding your ass because you are not going 80, & starts flashing his brights at you????? That makes me so mad. I slow down. Flashing your lights at me is NOT going to get me to speed up or move over. It's going to make me want to aggravate you more. The other night, this jerk rides my tail, & starts flashing his lights at me. So I slow down. By this time, the next lane over is clear....and he has AMPLE opportunities to pass me for 10 minutes....but doesn't. Finally, he does, then he cuts back over in front of me & slows down. So I start flashing my brights at him. He flips me the bird. I laugh. Ahhhh...California. Gotta love it.

Sure would like to know when I am getting my truck back. The body shop told me it would take 4-5 days for the repairs, begun last Thursday. would be day 6, tomorrow day 7, & I haven't heard a peep from them. I am not even kidding, I am out of money for a rental car. If it's not done tomorrow, I will have to pay two wasted days of a rental, over Sat/Sun, cause they don't do any work on the vehicles on the weekends. KILLING ME! Geez!!!! WTF????? Don't tell me it's going to take 4-5 days if it's gonna take more!!!!

Also haven't heard if my new Sketchers have arrived...what could be taking so long? I hope one of the sizes they ordered fits me....

But hey, my prescription sunglasses are finally done...maybe they did them right this time....**Sigh**

Will write more tomorrow...especially venting about my "bad news."
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