March 29th, 2002

real Alice

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Geez....what a crazy day.

Started out fine, I guess.

Woke up fairly early....had lunch/brunch with Garry Marshall. He told me that my time will come, but I am "untrained." I explained that when it comes down to choosing between paying rent & paying for acting classes, I am forced to choose to keep a roof over my head! I would LOVE to take acting classes. I would LOVE that. I want to take at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. But they charge $800 for the first payment, & then it's $300/mo. after that (but trust me, they are a GREAT acting school & that fee is well worth it). Garry had heard of the school & the founder, & said he'd consider helping me with the cost. He's such a great man. I wish I could afford vocal lessons, too....I'd love to strengthen my break. I also would love to take dance classes...but everything costs money. He also said I needed to lose some weight....well, DUH! But there again....trainers cost money. Gyms cost money. I'd love to do something active that's fun, like ice hockey lessons, Krav Maga, Pilates, etc...but that all costs money. A dietitian costs money. Even eating healthier food costs more than eating crap. It's all about the almighty $$$. Crap.

But it was a nice lunch. He doesn't say any of that to hurt me...he's always been honest with me, & I appreciate that. He told me to bone up on my Boston accent, since there's a role in his son's movie I might be able to play. Boston accent? What in the heck is that? And other than Southern & British, I am NOT really good with accents. And I just have no clue what a Boston one is, anyway. And knowing my luck, I'd work really hard to get a Boston accent---whatever it is---(Garry said it was like "pakh the cah" for "park the car")& then not get the role. He's got a few possible movies coming up...maybe there will be something for me.

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