April 2nd, 2002

real Alice

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I forgot the most exciting thing (understand, I am easily excited!)!!!!

I just happened to look at ebay today to see if anyone was selling the old electronic game "Maniac." I found two people selling it! HOLY CRAP! I cannot tell you how much I LOVED that game when I was little! I am SO bidding on it! I LOVED it! It was SO cool! They don't make them anymore, the bastards. Of course, I'll probably get it & it won't be nearly as fun at this age....but I doubt it, cause my parents enjoyed it, too! The whole family played it.

Ohmigosh! I can't wait to get it!!!! Wooo-hooo! I mean, it's not as fun as crankyangel's Virgin Twister, but it's close!!!!!!
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real Alice

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What is wrong with this?

I received this charming email as a response to my personal ad online (one of the many):

"My name is Jeff.....I am 24 now.
Dark and tall at 6' 4 "......
I live in your general area.

I am semi retired.......upper class........want to go to school soon.
Sexually I am not currently active, I am a bit shy but do not want a cool girl sexually that is.....you need to be somewhat normal.

My last girlfriend was too tight (with everything......but we were great friends.
I am also gifted in an area that you may like @ 12'"

If we ever meet there will be no sex or kissing till at least the 7 th date...."

Ummmm...in what parallel universe does this SCHMUCK think it's a "gift" that his dong is 12 inches long? That's fucking disgusting! Anything larger than average is very painful for me. Honestly, while I am sure they are out there, I don't know any women who are like, "Oh yeah, baby, give me a long dick anyday!" Ick! And to write to a COMPLETE stranger & say such a thing....disgusting! Not remotely appealing. And to tell a stranger that his ex was "too tight?" Well guess what, fucker? I am 4'11, you don't get tighter than me, asshole! (And yes, it says my height in the ad.) A "bit shy" & you are telling me your fucking cock size? Riiiiiiight. That reminds me of the drunk loser at a bar in Alabama who came over & practically sat on my fucking ass while telling me, "I'm really shy." And no sex or kissing til the 7th date? How can you put a time frame on that? No kissing til the 7th date? Sex, fine....but if you are a bad kisser, you are out the door after the 2nd date, buddy! I don't waste my time like that.

Why do I get all the losers? **sigh**
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