April 4th, 2002

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You're a dreamer at heart and have a great looking Goblin King. You are everybodies favorite, but most won't except you.
real Alice

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My great-uncle, Donald (I called him Uncle Don-Don), died this morning.

I didn't know him very well, but I do know he was a fine, fine man. Always very sweet & thoughtful to me.

I told my friend Erin that these things happen in 3's....her grandmother died....a few days later, our friend Amy's grandfather died...and I told Erin we were waiting for the 3rd one...and Uncle Don-Don died today.

I am saddest for my grandmother...she lost her daughter (my mother), her husband/soulmate (my grandfather), & her TWIN brother within 4 years of each other. Sheesh.

Getting old sucks.
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real Alice

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"Enough is enough."

Ooooo...George W. Bush. You're so damn tough. (Nope....don't like him.)

Anyway....I had so many thoughts I wanted to write about today, & now I am so bloody tired, I can't remember what they all were.

I know I wanted to vent about some stuff.

Like when I went into Barnes & Noble tonight. I was looking for books on a certain subject, & I turn to go down an aisle...and there is a couple sprawled out in the aisle. I'm not kidding. They were taking up the whole width of the aisle. The guy was leaning against one side, & his girlfriend was laying between his legs, & their legs reached all the way to the other side, blocking the whole aisle. It was blatantly obvious that I need to walk down the aisle, & they didn't move a fucking muscle. How fucking rude! Barnes & Noble is NOT your home people....you don't just sprawl out on the fucking floor! Get a fucking clue! They have chairs, if you REALLY need to sit & read in a fucking bookstore. It's not a fucking library! You don't sit there & read the books, you cheap assholes! The rudeness of some people boggles my mind. I cannot even IMAGINE sprawling out in the middle of a store like that. Have some fucking class.

Boy...when I cuss that much, you KNOW I am cranky!

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