April 9th, 2002

real Alice

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I have so many friends on LJ now, it takes me FOREVER to get caught up on entries! Not complaining....I LOVE new friends. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I will try to write from "work" tomorrow. I feel bad because it was my first day working for crankyangel & I was a total schmuck. There was a problem...but it was my own fault. But, I must say, I do learn well from mistakes. So that's kinda good. I am not likely to ever make the same mistake twice. So tomorrow, I should have it on the ball.

If you haven't checked out izzicam's Day in the Life pics, you really might want to. Click on that link above (her name), & scroll down to the entry where she gives the link to her Day in the Life. Check out the pics from the party at KastleKayla Saturday night.

I am in LOVE with Kayla's dogs! Especially Fahrenheit...she is my fave. It's funny, cause she intimidated me the most when I first went over there. She is a growler, & growled at me. I have been bitten by two dogs, so I am a little cautious. But then I realized that she is just a grumbler. She's adorable...and I JUST might steal her! I just love to hug her & squeeze her & call her George!

I gave "the boss lady" a long massage with baby oil today. She sat topless in front of the cam while I did that. I am sure her site members were thrilled with that. The one time we popped in to see, they were requesting that I take MY top off. Nope....not my style. I am the "shy" one....hey, stop laughing!!!! It's true! Kayla is a gorgeous, sexy, funny woman....I could not be any more lucky. To get paid to sit & watch porn all day, write in my journal, chat online, rub down a hot girl with baby oil, etc....what a great job! Woo-hoo!

I got a webcam today. Can't wait to get it all hooked up! Kayla is spending the night tomorrow night (or today, rather), so maybe she can help me get it all set up. I am a bit anxious....my house is a STY & I do NOT have time to clean it before she comes over. I HATE people seeing my house this way. I don't care if THEY don't care....*I* care.
But there is not much I can do about it. I will have to find some time to straighten before Thursday night, cause the girls are spending the night on Thursday night. We are all going to Hollywood/Highland on Friday. There are a couple of eye shadows I want to get at MAC. I get a 30% discount there! Wooo-hooo! MAC rocks! Sephora is pretty cool, too.

I want to do a cool LJ journal design...any cool, knowledgeable people out there who can help me with that? I am such a pc tard.

Anyway...can barely keep my eyes open....must get to bed now. I will try to write more tomorrow from work....

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