April 11th, 2002

real Alice

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Too tired & have to get up too early to write too much tonight....but I might have some time tomorrow to update a bit more.

The last few days have been fun & tiring. Tuesday night, crankyangel spent the night with me. Get your minds out of the gutter....all we did was talk & sleep. She stayed on her side of the bed, & I stayed on mine. We were good little girls. I promise. :-)

The next day, we got up, lolled around a bit, & then went & had lunch at Le Petit Chateau. It was yummy, yummy. I had a shrimp dish w/extra yummy sauce, & she had a shrimp salad that she said was delicious. We then shared creme brulees.....a Grand Marnier one (her fave) & a chocolate one (my fave). EVIL good.

Then we drove to her place (webwatcher had dropped her off the night before, the sweety...couldn't even come in to say "hi" cause of the kitties...he's allergic!), stopping on the way at South Bay Galleria. It was the first time I had been to that mall, & I lived right there my senior year of high school! She bought some CUTE clothes at Forever 21, I got a perfume & two eye shadows at SkinMarket, & we both got some perfume at Nordies. She got an Angel set, kept the lotion, & gave me the perfume! What a generous sweetheart she is! I LOVE Angel, & you all know how much I love perfume! I got a Nordstrom's brand Vanilla.

We then went home & actually got some work done. Then I went to rehearsal, & Alicia came to spend the night.

We woke up this morning & took some b/w pics that I hope will make good headshots. I did some with my real hair & some with a brunette wig. I hope I get at least a few good shots. My eyes were seriously KILLING me, burning, so I had to keep my eyes clothes until the moment she took the pic....cause they would slam shut following the pic. And I was sitting in the shade, even!

Then off I went to Jamba Juice & Best Buy....and then hit massive traffic on the way to Kayla's. Cal Trans (HATE them), an accident, & police activity. Happy happy joy joy. Got to Kayla's late, & went right to work. I also got bathed & shaved! And yes....I mean, WAY DOWN THERE. But NO, it wasn't a sexual thing...sorry, peeps. ;-�

I get sad when I leave Kayla. She's my cool new friend. She's just the best. I love her to death, & have only know her a few weeks. I think I was frightened of her at first, but then I got to know her, & fell in love. She's bright, beautiful, witty, playful, generous, talented, etc. I could go on & on. People on LJ see one side of her....but there is SOOO much more to her. You are doing a serious injustice to yourself if you don't get to know her beyond the "Sexual Kayla," cause that's not nearly all there is to her. She's simply fabulous, & I have a blast every time I am with her. LITERALLY, 6PM rolls around, & I get sad...cause I have to leave her house. :-(

I will miss her when she goes out of town for THREE whole weeks! What am I gonna do without her?!?!? **Sigh**

Peace out....
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