April 17th, 2002

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Monday, April 15, 2002 Edit Horoscope Alerts - Yahoo!

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope
by Astrocenter.com

Just when you thought you couldn't take any more pressure, dear Sagittarius, you are pushed up even harder against the wall. In some respects, you are ready to explode. Find a physical activity to engage in - something that will keep you busy and give you an outlet for the tremendous amount of energy that you have pent up inside. Things are coming to a difficult climax in your life - especially in your communications with others. Find a way to calm yourself down and deal with your emotions before you end up lashing out in anger toward someone you love.

I CAN'T take any more pressure....that's for sure...and yet it just keeps coming. **sigh**

I read this horoscope & almost choked at how truthful it was....I DO need to take up a physical activity...like walking.
real Alice

Yup...another poll.

Even though I have KINDA figured out how to do the official "poll" thingy, I am not using that function here. The reason is, I want to hear your thoughts on this, not just your short answer. Answer the question, & then please expand on your answer...tell me why you feel the way you do, the best way you can explain. It can be a complex reason or a simple one.

Please do not be rude to anyone for a difference of opinion here....no answer is the RIGHT one on this topic....what floats one's boat is what floats one's boat...period. I am simply curious about the answers (even though I certainly know some people's responses already), & have no intention of calling someone "nuts" for the way they feel. Just be honest.

What started out as a post on sexuality became a post on the like or dislike of semen...yeah, go figure. Don't even ask.

So ladies....(and gay or bi men, if there are any reading this):

What are your feelings about semen??? There are many options, you can choose one of these, or state your own....

"Gee, I love it! Bring on that sweet nectar! I wish you could bottle that awesome stuff so I could drink that man juice all damn day!!!"

"Well, it's not my favorite thing in the world, but I don't really mind it. It's kinda part of lovemaking, you know?"

"Frankly, I dislike it, but I tolerate it cause I love my man, & love him, love his semen."

"Ummmm....gag me with a spoon! I find sperm to be totally disgusting, so since I am into men, I make them wear condoms so that I can avoid that crap. I hate, I hate, I hate that icky stuff! I do not like it on my face, I don't not like it in my mouth, I do not like it on my chest, I do not like it with a vest. No thank you."

I am sure there are many choices in between...and again, please expand on your comment, if you would be so kind.

Again....there is NO right or wrong response...it's all personal preference. But since the majority of the people *I* talk to do not care for semen (I am NOT saying they dislike semen with the passion *I* do, just that it is definitely not something they LOVE), & others are saying they have NEVER talked to a woman who DIDN'T love it, I am curious to see the responses. Although I obviously cannot control it, I see no reason for straight men to respond to this post....other than to laugh. I don't need to hear/see any "like female cum is any better" type comments.

I may very well be in the minority on this one....in THIS forum. I know that by FAR the majority of women I speak to either are indifferent about it (meaning they neither like nor dislike it...it just "is") or actually dislike it, but tolerate it or actually hate it, like me...but I have NEVER met a single woman who LOVED it & craved it & was turned on by it. Never. Not one. So go figure.
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