April 21st, 2002

real Alice

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OK....ask & ye shall receive....so here goes.

I need a new laptop. Not necessarily NEW new, just new to me. The one I have is BEYOND crap (really slow), & believe it or not, sometimes people buy new ones & leave their old (mostly still good) ones laying around.

So...if you happen to have an extra decent laptop laying around...would ya let me know? ;-Þ

Can't hurt to ask...
real Alice

A positive post for once

My masseuse is arriving any minute now.

Ummm....can anyone say that me needing a massage is an understatement?

It's my friend, Wilfredo. I have known him since my parade days at Disneyland. He got his massage license years ago. He's great. He takes direction very well. I hate wussy massagers, & if I tell him to use more force, he does. He brings his own table, massage oils (different scents & unscented), & new agey music. And he's CHEAP too, as far as massages go.

If anyone in the Los Angeles/Orange County area needs a message, get in touch with me...he's great.

Woooo-hooooo!!!! Maybe my headache will finally go away (or at least be helped!)
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