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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Monday, April 22nd, 2002

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Hmmmm....watching my video of the World Music Awards that were on tonight. Chris Noth looks like HELL! He came out with a greasy forehead & bags so large under his eyes that I could have packed for a vacation in them! And then he stumbled over everything he said. Drugs, anyone? OK, that's an awfully big assumption. Maybe he just gets really nervous. But he IS a Hollywood actor, so it wouldn't be that much of a stretch.

My masseuse just left. My goodness....he was amazing. I think his hands have gotten stronger since he last gave me a massage (almost a year ago). And honest to God, my back hasn't been this jacked up in years. Every muscle is tense beyond belief. He worked hard & still couldn't really break the knots up. He's coming back Tuesday night.
Wooo-hooo! No, I really can't afford it....but I NEED it. And at some point, I need to prioritize things, & my health should be up there at the tops.

I'll tell ya what.....when you are getting a great massage, an hour will go by WAY too fast. It felt like he had just started on me when he announced it has been an hour.

And just as quickly, my one day of rest is gone. It's already midnight...and I still don't feel rested. **sigh**

Current Mood: complacent
Saturday night was awesome!!!
I had a friggin' BLAST at "Sideshow." It was my 3rd time seeing it. I sat in the front row, & it was an AMAZING viewpoint. I really got to see all the action, their feet, their facial expressions, etc. I got a lot more emotional, cause I could actually see the tears in their eyes, running down their faces, & just felt a lot closer to the emotion. I definitely got more emotional than I had the other two times. I tend to be a sympathy crier. Reggie enjoyed the hell out of it. He was so thankful that I "made" him go. And to the other side of me was two gay guys who were really cool. The one furthest from me, Matt, had seen the show 10 times, & had made friends with the cast. Manoah, who sat next to me, was very handsome & friendly, & had seen it about 5 times. We bonded right away. He & I both got really excited when Terry & Buddy sat right at our feet during one scene! On the other side of Matt was ANOTHER guy named Matt, who looked JUST like Apollo Anton Ohno...the speed skater from the Olympics. I was so stoked, cause I just KNEW it was him. He looked JUST like him, especially from the side. Same hair, same height, same little fuzz on his chin. I eventually decided it was NOT him though, cause his thighs weren't big enough! I did pop over during intermission to talk to him though, & he & his friend said he gets told he looks like Apollo ALL the time. After the show, I hugged my friend Rob, AND I got a picture with all the leads. They were all so nice about it. I got a picture with "Daisy," who was really cool...."Violet," who spun me around to put me on her right side, since she is "used to that" (the show is about Siamese twins, & Violet attached to Daisy by her right hip).....I took a pic with "The Boss," who actually directed Reggie in "Secret Garden," so they knew each other. I got a pic with "Terry," "Buddy" (woooo-hoooo!), the "Fortune Teller" (Heather...she is SO cool!), "Jake," & a few chorus people. I also took a pic with a guy named Patrick who was in "Princess Diaries" & "Pretty Woman." Garry Marshall puts him in all his movies, so I went up to tell him that I was friends with Garry, & was in "Princess Diaries" with him. He was really cool, & we took a picture for Garry, pointing at each other. Very cute. Manoah followed me around playing photographer, & everyone was really gracious about this little girl running around taking pictures like a groupie. According to the cast, morale was really up last night. The guy who plays "Jake" was not able to do the extension. So they hired another guy....and apparently, he was awful. So after Friday night's performance, he was fired, & they got the original Jake back for the final two performances. Everyone was so happy to have him back that energy was really up. It was a GREAT show, & I really liked everyone I met. I felt so elated when I left!

Current Mood: calm
During my massage, Ernie---my big fat fluffy kitty---decided he want Wilfredo to massage him, too. Luckily, Wil didn't charge me extra for that!

Current Mood: amused
Here's the Apollo Anton Ohno lookalike...he may not look that much like him here, but trust me, in person, he does (again, especially from the side).

Current Mood: calm

I'm supposed to announce that. People are welcome to fly in & crash on the floor (in your sleeping bag, not the plane). She doesn't live far from LAX, so taking a shuttle would be pretty cheap. Come one, come all....you'll have a ball!

I'm a poet, & I didn't even know it.

It's Kayla's "WELCOME BACK TO THE US" party...she's providing at least one keg, & ordering a 6 foot sub! I wonder what the sub specializes in....math, science, what? And I love 6 foot men, I just didn't know you could order them!


Current Mood: silly
....when these awful headaches will go away. I felt great when I woke up, no headache...but as the day has worn on, the headache came on & has gotten progressively worse. That makes me think it's coming from my neck...cause you don't need to hold your head up while sleeping. Who knows. That massage did wonders, but I am going to need at LEAST one more.

Current Mood: headachy
Well, it's official.

I have been adopted by the older brother I have always wanted. All I got was a sometimes crummy sister, & I always wanted a brother!

Meet my new bro, all! He's chappell. Feel free to offer your congratulations, your warnings, or your sympathies.

Current Mood: cheerful
I know I have mentioned this before, I believe in a community group.

You know that little tip jar at smoothie places like Jamba Juice?

Ummmmm....what is the point? Are these workers not getting paid? They are not servers, not in the waitress/waiter sense. They blend your smoothie & hand it to you. That is their JOB. That is what they are getting paid to do. On top of that...it's not a difficult job. Pick up the blender, drop in the various ingredients, stick it on the blender, hit "blend," remove, pour in cup, stick lid on it, & hand it to you. Tough. Hey, I'd take that job in a heartbeat, I think it seems like fun...so I am not dissing. Just being honest. It's not a tough job. And they are paid to do the job. So why the tip jar? It irks me a bit, because I feel like it's there to make you feel guilty. Money is tight for me, & while I wouldn't NOT tip my waitress, I don't think you should tip people at places like this. I don't tip the McDonald's workers for scooping up my fries & putting them in the bag. I don't tip the Pizza Hut workers for slicing up my pizza & placing it in the box. Do you get my point? Why are smoothie joint workers any different?

Can someone explain this to me???

Current Mood: curious

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