April 23rd, 2002

real Alice

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Maybe so....but I wear thongs....

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real Alice

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I made an interesting observation the other day.

I was trying to find pictures of me with different emotions, such as sad, peeved, etc....I want to have user pics that correspond with my mood.

I discovered I have hardly ANY pictures of me NOT smiling.

I smile in almost every picture I take. I am just a smiley person. I have the smile wrinkles to prove it! :-) I don't like the way I look when I am not smiling. I think I am ugly without a smile. For one thing, I have no upper lip, & you can't tell as much when I am smiling. Plus, I think a smile brightens up anyone's face. My dad, when he is taking pictures of me, has taken to yelling, "Don't smile so big!" I can't help it. I am generally a happy person.

So I have to take some posed photos of me with negative emotions....although I DID find a few that might be usable. One looks like I am really pissed, cause I was caught unawares (probably more stunned than pissed), & it's even better cause I have pink-trailer trash-curlers in my hair. Heh....
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