April 30th, 2002

real Alice

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Heard a funny little ditty tonight on the news...

There is a school in San Diego that had a school dance. Apparently, the Vice Principal went around to all the girls at the dance asking them what kind of undies they were wearing. If they said "thongs," she sent them home to change. According to a lot of the girls, the VP was actually lifting the girl's skirts to check, if they didn't volunteer the info. Some parents are considering suing for sexual battery/assault. The matter is being investigated.

Ummmm....let's discuss. Is this woman wacko? Who lifts up young girls skirts? Especially an authoritive figure. And so WHAT if they were wearing thongs. That doesn't mean you are gonna "give it up," or that you are trying to entice anyone, it simply means you don't want panty lines. I have rarely put on a thong & thought, "I wonder who I'm gonna get hot today!"

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real Alice

Thongs for a good cause

All right everyone....ladies....

Send a lovely pair of thong undies to the following address:

Ms. VP Rita Wilson
C/o Rancho Bernardo High School
13010 Paseo Lucido
San Diego, CA 92128

They can be dirty or clean...it doesn't matter. Tell every woman you know....heh-heh...

Can you imagine?
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