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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Monday, May 6th, 2002

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How could a little busted lip hurt so bad???? Sheesh....it's constant nagging pain. Not "severe" but definitely "moderate."

Waiting for an important call.....don't know why I haven't received it yet, & it's gonna form my day....**sigh**

Current Mood: contemplative

I finally reached the people whom I was waiting for a call from....(did that make grammatical sense?)

They didn't get my message this weekend, cause they were having problems receiving messages.

Anyway, when I got home LATE Friday night, there was a message on my machine. It was an assistant to a successful casting director in Hollywood, & they wanted me to come in today, the 6th, for a general interview. Ohmigosh. Struggling actors BEG for generals. They are a very good thing. The casting directors don't necessarily have a certain role they are looking at you for, but they are having you come in to chat, maybe cold read, to see who you are & what you are about (to see if they'd even WANT to cast you in the future). It's incredible to get one of these. I gave my headshot/resume to this casting director at an acting seminar, & now they've called me to come in. The problem was this.....I wasn't going to go to work at Kayla's, drive BACK to my area, & then drive BACK to Kayla's area for rehearsal tonight. For one thing, I can't afford the gas money. But the main thing was, I have to be at rehearsal around 6:30 all this week, & this is our final dress week....meaning, I CANNOT under any circumstances be late! Meeting with CDs in LA at 4....would really be pushing it to get down near OC at 6:30, given hellacious LA traffic. So I called to ask if I could meet with them any earlier....early AM is perfect, since I could meet with them, go to Kayla's, & then to rehearsal.

So I just reached the assistant. She hadn't gotten my message, so they were still expecting me in around 4PM. Good thing I called. I asked her if there was any way I could come in earlier, because of my dress rehearsal. She said that they had casting sessions all day, ending a 4....and even then, they may go later than 4, so I might have even been late going in. She was totally understanding about my show, saying, "It's GREAT that you are working!" She also commented how I don't want to be rushed, cause they want to really sit & talk to me, get to know me. You'd be an idiot in my position to walk in & be like, "I'm sorry, I'm really in a hurry, can we speed things up?" Duh!
So she said we'd reschedule. I told her that Wednesday morning or Friday morning was best for me, since I am taking aqua aerobics at 7AM in OC on Tues/Thurs. She said she'd notate that & talk to the CDs. I told her that I was totally enthusiastic about coming in, & I was perfectly willing to work around THEIR schedule, not have them have to work around MINE, but just that this week was really crazy. She said she totally understood & she'd get back to me this week.

I hope they DO understand, & that they WILL get back to me....

This COULD be a really big deal....it may not amount to anything...but you just never know! Let's think positive here! I could be on my way!

(crankyangel, if you are reading this, I am jumping in the shower & heading over!!!)

Current Mood: contemplative

robont, you are in SO much trouble! Heh-heh....wait until I get to work to respond to all that....if I can even find the words! Oh & trust me....I can reach your ass, dearie, & even better, my knee raises to JUST the right spot on tall men.

I'm ruined! Ruined, I tell ya! Now everyone is gonna think I am hot....and I am SO not!!! (Make-up does wonders!)


Current Mood: amused

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