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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Friday, May 10th, 2002

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I bought tickets for some of you today for my performance on Sat., May 18th, at 2PM.

I bought tickets ($8/ea.) for littlesunshine & her son, webwatcher, crankyangel, mr_dark (comp), amythyst (comp), & sexykitty1. I had to pull them & pay for them at the same time if you guys wanted to sit together, which I assumed you would. The good seats are pretty much gone. You guys are in the center of row "R," I think. The only seats left are on the far sides, the back, & the balcony. I got the best seats I could.

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Current Mood: curious
Yesterday, after my doctor's appoinment, TC met me at my house to go to crankyangel's. We ended up meeting crankyangel & izzicam at the mall. We all got pedicures (I think they got manicures, too, but I just don't do my fingernails...doesn't last long enough to make it worth it). I felt really guilty about spending "food money" on a pedicure...but I rationalized it by saying *I* needed to treat myself. Besides, crankyangel gave me $10 to spend (well...it was really for a stuffed animal hammock, but she let me keep it when they didn't have one), & the pedicure was about $15. My toes look really pretty....pink sparkly polish with flowers on the big toes.

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Current Mood: sleepy
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, chappell!!!

I love ya dearly, big bro~!!! Hope it was special!

Current Mood: cheerful

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