May 18th, 2002

real Alice

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A big THANK YOU to erinbir, izzicam, & justj for coming to see my show last night! I am SO glad you guys made it! It truly means a lot to me.

Don't have much time to write....just a quick post.

justj....I am here if you need me for anything.

I think I AM getting sick....but I think my body can hold out one more day....I just have one more performance to get through. Please hold out!

Got a nasty letter from the State since I didn't pay the $1700 in taxes that they mistakenly think I owe. With my brother's generous help, I think I might be able to send in the amended form with the $185 I actually owe them, & get them off my back. They already added a penalty fee. It's barely been a month! But any penalty fees I still have to pay will be courtesy of H&R Cock. Bastards. Of course, if not for them, I wouldn't have met I guess I should technically thank them....I was blessed the day I met chappell.

I have lots more to say, but I really gotta go get ready to entertain the masses. ;-Þ

*hugs* to everyone...
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