May 22nd, 2002


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An excerpt from my horoscope yesterday:

"Mail letters, make phone calls, and send packages to people you haven't heard from in a while. They will be pleasantly surprised to hear from you."

Amusing...since I recently bought something to mail to a dear, old friend (BEFORE I read this)...and am mailing it tomorrow. :-) I sure hope she WILL be pleasantly surprised! :-)
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I will make this brief, & yes, I am aware I may have some friends drop me for this.

I saw "Star Wars: Episode 2"....and did NOT like it. I mean, it wasn't God awful, I HAVE seen worse movies. But I am an actress, for crying out loud, & there was little acting to be seen in THAT movie. Hayden Christiansen & Natalie Portman! Shame on you! What happened? You are normally decent actors. Someone made the point to me that it was not their fault, that George Lucas just can't direct. Yet Ewan & Christopher Lee were excellent. So, as my friend TC pointed out, some actors are so talented they don't NEED direction (Ewan, Christopher Lee, James Earl Jones, Harrison Ford), & others falter without decent direction (Hayden, Natalie, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher). I am sure this movie would still be great to children, who don't really pay attention to acting (I never realized how God awful Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher were until I saw the movie again as an ADULT). And of course, die-hard "Star Wars" junkies are going to be pleased. And I certainly agree that Jar-Jar is annoying (never saw Episode One).

The story is great.....truly. But the dialogue is PAINFUL, & the acting was PAINFUL. I leaned on a friend, bored to tears, for most of the movie...only sitting up with excitement during the final big battle (starting with Anakin, Amidala, & Obi-Wan in the ring with the odd creatures), especially Yoda's bit. But after that, I fell asleep again, & getting to that point wasn't too fun. I felt like I was sitting in on Acting 101 in an Ohio high school.

The true sign of a not-so-great movie for me (which is shocking, cause I am REALLY easy to entertain): checking my watch to see how much time there is left. NOT a good sign (unlike "Dances With Wolves," which I watched 3 hours of & couldn't BELIEVE 3 hours had passed).

Sorry, folks. Just wasn't a fan. Get a better dialogue writer & get an actor's director....and leave George to just produce & oversee.
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