May 26th, 2002

real Alice

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The man who caused that apartment fire here in Cali.....he had the brilliance of lighting up a cigarette while trying to fix his gas line. Wow. And paid for it with his life. He was burned over 60% of his body, & died in the hospital today. He also displaced 300 people, & 3 people were injured in the fire. What an unfortunate situation.

Wow again....

The Lakers. Woooooo-boy did they pull it out of their ARSES today! Holy cow! I am SOOOO glad that I did not watch the game. I get sooo tense when I watch these important games. I want my team to win so badly, that it drives me crazy to watch the game. When we first heard the score, it was something awful like 30something to somewhere in the teens, NOT in favor of the Lakers. Then it was a depressing 60ish to 30ish. Etc. The Kings kept a really big lead most of the game. erinbir & I were REALLY worried. We wanted the Lakers to win SO badly. At the end of our day, Alicia comes running in, screaming, "Did ya'll see that?????" We turn on the TV for the instant replay, & Robert Horry (who is from Alabama, thank you very much) threw a LAST MINUTE 3 pointer! When I say "last minute," I MEAN last minute! Holy mother of Mary! The score was 99 to 97, Kings. Kobe tried to make a basket (which would have just sent them into overtime) & it missed.....Shaq got the rebound, but he missed, too. Then Horry grabbed the ball & threw it from the 3 point line, & MADE IT AS THE BUZZER WENT OFF! The ending score, 100 to 99, Lakers. Holy crap! I cannot even verbalize how exciting that was. What was really odd was that I had a feeling this would some point during the day, I said, "I wonder if they are going to really pull it out of their ass at the last minute?" And they sure did! WOW!!!!
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