June 2nd, 2002

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Had lots 'o fun with the gang tonight (abnrml, crankyangel, webwatcher, poetpaladin, & cixel). Sang karaoke....twas fun.

Just thinking about my adoptive cat, Ernie.

Ernie throws up a lot. Not his fault, he is longhaired & is always throwing up furballs. He sheds hair ALL OVER THE PLACE....my nice couch, my nice clothes, the carpet....everywhere. Sometimes a thought passes through my head....maybe I should find a new home for him?

Then I am ashamed at my feelings of "inconvenience." This cat ADORES me. He wants to be near me, on my lap, get any attention from me.

At 10 years old (& declawed), his owners decided to give him up. Inexplicable, really, because other than the minor annoyance of the shedding, he's the GREATEST cat. VERY laidback & affectionate. But for whatever reason, they decided not to keep him....after 10 years. And they proceeded to make the dumbest decision a human being could make. They took him to the pound.

Rarely do cats or dogs over 1 year old get adopted from the pound. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of cats & dogs are put to sleep in Los Angeles County alone in one year. It's disgusting....and it's mainly due to irresponsible pet ownership....not spaying & neutering. You're a fool if you don't (unless you are breeding).

Ernie was THISCLOSE to being put to sleep. In fact, we are pretty sure that the day I rescued him was his last day on this Earth. But I fell in love with the big guy & his gentle nature, so he came home with me. Now he is loved, has a brother (two if you count the "annoying canine creature"), a full belly, & a nice roof over his head. He couldn't be happier.

And I'm just so glad I could save a life.....a great one at that.

If you are shopping for a dog or cat....PLEASE, PLEASE don't go to a pet store. PLEASE go to the pound & save a life. THEY KNOW. They know they are near death. The love you get in return from a rescued pet (no matter the age, Ernie---who's 10, maybe 11---, & Toby, who's 9, have IMMENSE energy...and didn't have to be housetrained) will be a reward beyond your imagination.
real Alice

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From the brilliant mind belonging to....well, you know who by now....:

"Any further posts from friends of the cunt will be reported as harassment. I have not read her lj, nor have I posted there or anywhere that she goes in many days. Be her friend if you want, that's your choice, but stay the fuck out of my LJ with your suck the bimbo's ass posts. You wanna curry her favor? Give her money or buy her things... She's the worst kind of whore, she won't admit (even to herself) that she prostitutes herself to get the things she wants from her friends. I have nothing against prostitutes, they are honest about what and why they're doing.
Since I stay away from you all, I suggest you do the same."
(Comments to this post have been disabled...*bok*bok*bok*bok*bok*)

Ooooooooooooooo.....is that an earthquake I feel or are ya'll shakin' in yer boots? She "suggests" that you stay out of her journal...even though she makes posts "public," which means anyone can respond. I don't think she gets it. But she doesn't get much, does she? What a dummy.

Let's see....I'm a cunt, a whore, a prostitute, a bimbo, & I'm spoiled. Wooo-hoooo! At least I am interesting.

Hey, no more "suck the bimbo's ass" responses, will ya? Ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves! Don't you have any dignity??? *hmph* And if you ARE going to suck my ass, PLEASE take some fat with you!!!

Good thing she completely stopped reading my journal, or she might have something really nasty to say to this. Too bad. *sigh*
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