June 3rd, 2002

real Alice

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Yeah....almost got my ass kicked the other night by a gang-banger type.

We were at CityWalk, & we FINALLY got on an elevator to go to the car.
This couple gets in the elevator with us. All of a sudden, the elevator REEKS of marijuana. I loudly say, "Why does it smell like weed in here?" The guy looks seriously irritated, & his girlfriend starts giggling. My friend Reggie tried to pretend he didn't know me. The other people on the elevator were amused. I think one of my friends said, "Cause someone has been smoking it." Weeee! Let's smoke weed & go to CityWalk. *snort* But then, there are people who can't do anything without it. *rolls eyes*

I gotta say:


What an AMAZING game! Holy cow! chappell gave me the blow by blow for most of the end of the game. How exciting! This whole series has been soooo close! In almost every game, the point difference was always like 2 points, either team. It truly came down to the wire, but the Lakers REALLY pulled it out. I didn't like Bibby during the series, but saw a different side of him tonight. I didn't realize that he & Bryant grew up together. Some people were saying that Kobe elbowed him on purpose in game 6. I said I thought it was an accident. Now I know I am right, because they are actually good friends.

The Kings played EXTREMELY well, the whole series. It was close. But in the end, the better team pulled it out. GO THREE-PEAT!
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