June 5th, 2002


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The Nets are catching up, they'd better pull it out. If they get cocky, that will be a mistake!

Sooooo sleepy right now. I am exhausted. I was at rehearsal from 10:45-4:15, & I only did one run-through that whole time. I still have a bad cold, & am still running a temp of around 100. My sinus problems are not THAT severe considering....but fever kinda debilitates me. So I feel really drained.

Heard something absolutely CRAZY today....click here to read it...Collapse )
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Live journal has managed to do it again. It posted my most recent post twice, even though I only hit the button ONCE. How odd it that? My apologies. I don't want to delete either, cause different people replied to both. Please pardon me for LJ's mistake! I can understand if I have problems & hit the button many times, but this time, I only hit it once.

At least it's a short one with the cut text...

Sorry folks.
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