June 16th, 2002

real Alice

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Stolen from flameprincess:

Loyal and generous VERY true!
Patriotic VERY much so!
Active in games and interactions I sometimes throw board game parties at my house....I love to interact with others.
Impatient and hasty Oh my, is THAT true! I cannot imagine anyone being more impatient than I am....and I frequently speak before I think things through thoroughly.
Ambitious I would say that is mostly true. I wanna be a star!
Influential in organizations Ummm...maybe...I was influential in the shows I did teaching kids to avoid drugs/alcohol/tobacco/gangs, but I dunno about anything else, organization-wise.
Fun to be with Well, gee, I like to think so...have heard that I generally am, anyway...
Loves to socialize Well, I am kinda an extrovert AND an introvert....yes, I love to socialize, but I always VERY MUCH enjoy staying home alone & veggin' on the computer.
Loves praises I DO love praises, but they make me a little uncomfortable...I am not used to them, so don't know how to take them too graciously.
Loves attention Ummm...I love positive attention. I do NOT enjoy negative attention or confrontation, etc.
Loves to be loved Well, who doesn't?
Honest and trustworthy VERY honest, & I hold some serious secrets from various people who's trust is not misplaced.
Not pretending I AM an actress, so I guess you could say I actually pretend frequently....but if they mean that I am who I am & don't put on any airs or play games, then yes, I don't pretend. I live my life very honestly, an open book.
Short tempered Ohmigoodness, YES! It's that part Irish part of me....I am slow to ANGER but very quick to IRK.
Changing personality Ummmm...I am not sure what this one means.
Take high pride in oneself Almost too much.
Hates restrictions I don't think this one fits me too much. I am pretty good with restrictions. I follow laws & rules.
Loves to joke Man walks into a bar.....
Good sense of humor I sure like to think so.

Any begging to differ? *wink*
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