June 22nd, 2002

real Alice

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Here's a link to a guy I am meeting from the internet on Sunday (after work). He seems nice enough. Handsome, although the picture looks a little too good...I don't expect him to show up looking like that.

And yes....we are meeting in a VERY public place, & I haven't even given him my phone number.

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real Alice

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All I can say is, this HAS to be a joke...Photoshop or something....

Please tell me it's a joke. Here's a guy who wanted to meet me:
Should I click "yes?" ;-Þ

On the flip side, I matched with this guy...and he ain't too shabby:

This guy is older looking, but his profile appeals to me, & he doesn't drink nor smoke:

More matches (I have something like 55 matches...what a studdette!):
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Here I sit...when I should be at work. Loss of much needed pay...*sigh*

I think I got food poisoning last night.

I went to a restaurant with my friends. I ordered the same thing I get EVERY time I go there, & it's usually delicious. This time, it tasted a bit...funny. But silly (or stupid) me, I kept eating it, anyway. Hey, when you're broke, you don't want to waste food.

Woke up early this morning with my stomach KILLING me. Spent a good amount of time on the throne....WASN'T pretty. Didn't feel good, either.

By the time my alarm went off for work, there was no way I could go to work. I felt completely drained, & was still very nauseous. I felt like I was gonna pass out.

Miserable...that's what I am.
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real Alice

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Ummmm....I *think* I should be able to receive text messages now (I say "think" cause I haven't tested it). Why haven't I gotten any?

If it works, I'll respond here. If I don't respond here...it didn't work.
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