June 23rd, 2002


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*banging head against wall*

Why???? Why do I do this to myself??? Why??? Can you tell me why???

*resumes banging head against wall*
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Local LJers.....

Here's the TENTATIVE plan for Monday night w/chappell (sounds like a TV show).

We are PLANNING to meet at crankyangel's around 8:15PM or so, hoping to get to Joe's Crab Shack around 8:30, 9 at the latest (assuming it stays open until 10, & we will find that out tomorrow). We are shooting for as late as possible, so HOPEFULLY (everybody pray...or meditate...or whatever) I will get off the set early enough to make it myself! If not, maybe I can at least make it in time for dessert. If I end up getting out earlier from the movie, then we will go to Joe's earlier...if you wish to join us, keep between 6:30-8:30 open to go to Joe's. Also, email me a cell # (or whatever #) for you, so that I can keep you abreast (heh-heh, I said breast) of the time situation. We're thinking positive here, folks. I AM going to get out early, I AM going to get out early, I AM going to get out early...say it with me.....

flirtini, wild_magnolia, justj, the_dibbler, inushu, horsepucky, shazam, giddycam, narrowminded, amythyst, mr_dark, houseofal, boymaenad, cixel, misskris, eeyoregrly, wolfiegirl (aren't you local?), knave_of_hearts, jewpanda, poetpaladin, alilnoochie, webwatcher, littlesunshine, kristylicious, teaa....did I leave any locals out??? I would love to see you all there....it's a great opportunity to meet/make new friends, & honor the visit of a GREAT guy (that would be chappell). Plus, with Joe's Crab Shack, how can you go wrong???

You can either meet at crankyangel's house, or meet us at Joe's Crab Shack in Redondo Beach. Again, the time is tentative, so either watch crankyangel to post a time in her journal (I can call her from the set when/if I know), or like I said, email me a # where I can reach you & tell you what time to meet us. And if, like me, you are broke, come down anyway....good friends, good fun. And you can mooch shrimp off people's plates! That's always good fun! :-)

Please respond with a definite yes here or even a tentative yes....or even a no, if you wish...those who live way out of town...it's not necessary. Or email me directly with a yes/no/maybe....just so we have a tentative head count. :-)

Weeeeeeee! Hope to see you all there! *grin*
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