June 24th, 2002


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Just a note.....

I have now added the third to a growing pile of ex-friends, all from the same little "clique." There are only a few left. If any of the remaining "clique" would like to say asta la pasta & have been waiting for a good opportunity....hey, opportunity knocks, my friends. If any of you think you will have trouble remaining friends with people who are no longer friends....I understand & will hold no malice to you for choosing their side. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

I accept that sometimes people come into your life for a purpose....and when that purpose is "served," sometimes they exit your life. I detest change....but I accept this.

Thank you to those ex-friends for all they added to my life at their chosen time. Things were good once, & I will hold on to the good memories, & cherish them. Despite everything---including hurt---I do not wish any ill feelings, & may you all find whatever happiness you deserve...and always have good friends along the journey.
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