July 1st, 2002

real Alice

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My advice to anyone booking a cruise....don't go on Holland America. This ship might as well be nicknamed the Nursing Home Cruise Line. Everyone is old. I think I have seen about 2 cute boys....the staff are not the kind of men I am attracted to at all. *sigh* No ship romance for me this summer! Well, I am still working on the photographer. He's British & quite cute. I do like British men.

The trip is not *great* but it's okay. This is definitely the lamest of the 3 I have been on. Very boring. No good/fun ship activities. Most of the excursions I wanted to go on were sold out by the time I went to sign up. On Friday, we ARE doing the water rafting, but that's all we got. Wednesday, we are going to try to rent out own kayaks, since the kayak tours were sold out.

This is $0.75 a minute, so that's all for now. Lots to report when I get back.....or maybe on Thursday, when we are at sea.

Miss you all....

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