July 11th, 2002


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I need some help from my Canadian friends! (Are you listening, robont??)

I picked up a candy bar at the airport in Monreal, & now I'm in love with it. You can't get it in America. Would any of you be willing to send me a "care package" of these yummy candy bars? I will pay for the bars and shipping, of course.

Or do you know where I can order them? There is no info on the wrapper.

Laura Secord Buttermallow
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real Alice

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OK....so....I watch the news every day, at least once, if not morning & night. I read news updates on AOL. I listen to the news channel when I am driving in my truck.

And yet, somehow, I didn't know that the postage rate was going up again.


I'm at the post office today, mailing a package to chappell, when I see a sign offering new $0.03 stamps. I ask the clerk, what are the $0.03 stamps for? That's when I was informed that the postage rate had gone up, as of June 30th (when I was away). So anything I mailed when I returned might be sent back...including bill payments. That would REALLY suck. chappell was telling me that they didn't make a big deal about it this time. Then they shouldn't send back mail for a lack of $0.03 for the first month of the change, dangit! I hope I'm okay with the bills. This sucks.

Before you know it, we'll be paying $0.50 for a friggin' stamp.

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