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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Monday, July 15th, 2002

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Today was a crappy day, overall. I guess it improved a bit over the morning, but not much.

I woke up with a bit of a stomachache. I think it's stress, personally. It all went downhill from there.

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Current Mood: cranky
Check out my scarily accurate horoscope!

"You are a very knowledgeable person, dear Sagittarius. In general, those born under Sagittarius are staunch ideologists, and when this tendency is mixed with their masculine side, it gives them a very black and white way of expressing their opinions. It's often as if what they are saying is the only truth. Today's planetary aspects could help you to be more flexible and tolerant in your relations with other people."

I am sure THAT day of being more flexible & tolerant passed....lol....

Current Mood: amused
Anyone out there know anything about the Pentecostal religion?

What they believe in? What they are all about? Are they nutty? I read something where they speak in tongues. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I have always thought that was a bit on the wacko side. But what do *I* know, right?

Anything? Educate me. :-)

Current Mood: curious

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