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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Thursday, July 18th, 2002

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The stupidity of the "techs" at AOL stuns me.

Click here for the reason I am going to kill someone.Collapse )

Current Mood: pissed off
Well, it appears that I successfully figured out how to set up the consolidation through AOL...on my own. We'll see if it works. *sigh*

Current Mood: blah
Well, it appears that my text messaging through LJ is now working, finally. I tested it a few times, & I think I got 2 out of 3 messages. Not bad. Take heed to what the site says, & don't send anything terribly important to me through that text messaging, but feel free to text message me now, to say hi & that you love me & stuff. :-) (only accessible to friends, sorry enemies)

Current Mood: pleased

Dang! I feel so loved!! Seriously!!! It's amazing what a little, easy to accomplish gesture can do for someone!

I woke up to text messages on my phone from some gorgeous, sweet, thoughtful people....

robont, misskris, ly, cixel, cypher, & thedivinemisss....thank you! *blush* I felt so loved!!!

Text messaging is a cool thing! And I am discovering that it DOES tend to arrive....just sometimes much later than sent (sent one to myself, testing it out, that I got an hour or so later!).

Thanks again, guys! It was a small gesture on your end, but appreciated "bigly" on mine! :-) *hugs & kisses*

Current Mood: loved
Picture time again
OK.....so, based on the votes, I have narrowed down the pictures to use on IMDB to the following pictures. I ask you guys to go back again, if you have the chance, & tell me what you think of the narrowed down selections...if you approve. Some of you never got to see them at all, so all the pictures are there....but I will post here the 5-6 that I have narrowed it down to, based on votes.

The winners are:
1) #7, with 18 votes
2) #16, with 14 votes
3) #18, with 12 votes
4) #13, with 10 votes
5) #11 with 9 votes

The breakdown & the link to the photo album.Collapse )

Current Mood: curious
Pic updates
OK.....I am using #7 for sure, as my main pic....

The next one is probably #16, & maybe #9. I will probably also use #18, to show that I can be sexy, too.

#12 is a potential for a wig shot, showing hair color range & how blue my eyes are....but I am going to pop in my contacts, put on some make-up, & do a whole bunch of wig shots, to see if I can't get some good ones. Look out for those later tonight...and help me choose from those. I just want to show good range.

Thanks for all your help, thus far! :-)

Current Mood: contemplative
eeyoregrly & macdhomhnuill....got your text messages! Thanks! *hugs*

Current Mood: cheerful
chappell, I got your...I mean, Toby's text message! :-)

Some funny pics for ya'll:

Can someone tell me where this is?

Aren't you glad you don't have to feed this?

Current Mood: cheerful
I can't help it....I like these pics my aunt just sent me! I think my sister & I both look really pretty in the first one (I did her make-up!), even though my hair looks like it's never seen a brush, & I think the second one needs no discussion.

Current Mood: chipper
A response from Pocketmail re: AOL:

"Thank you for notifying us of the troubles you had with AOL. If AOL do not know their mail server settings or host name settings they should re-educate their staff. We manage to find out the mail server settings as mail.aol.com from the Internet."

Current Mood: amused
A little morsel....

Our mail on the ship is down and i can't check my pocketmail from most of these ports. will mail you as soon as possible.


Must have sent this from an internet cafe in port...who knows? *sniffle* I probably won't get a significant email until Saturday, when he's in San Juan, & therefore has access to a US payphone. And he will get all my emails at the same time, so won't respond to all mine until the FOLLOWING Saturday. I think it's awfully sweet that, despite the fact he would have to pay, he's even tried to email me from the ship. *smile*

Current Mood: melancholy
A few more thoughtful text messages to report!

Thanks to moosifer & alliiya! *giggle*

Current Mood: cheerful

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