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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Monday, July 29th, 2002

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I had the strangest Hot or Not experience the other day.

I went to Sing Sing with my friends for erinbir's birthday party. Sing Sing is at Irvine Spectrum. I left early, needing some sleep, & knowing that I had about an hour+ drive ahead of me. I walked out to my truck alone, & there were many parking lot stalkers (that bugs).

This guy pulls up behind me in a convertible. An Asian guy. He says, "Are you leaving?" I say I am, & turn around & keep walking. Then something hits me. I walk back to his car, & say, "Do you have a profile on Hot or Not?" He says he does. I say, "You are one of my matches. Jason, right?" He says, "Yes," & basically starts freaking out. We have NEVER met in person. I have only ever seen pics, he just happens to be really distinct looking. He can't believe that I recognized him. He offers to drive me to my car, but I was only about another 50 feet away. I give him my spot, & then emailed him when I got home.

He is a guy that I connected to out of mutual interests, NOT romantic interest. He's not my type, romantically. His former college roommate is an agent out here, & he's going to hand deliver my stuff to this agent. Very cool! I told him that he owed me for getting such a primo parking spot!

How trippy is that? What are the odds? What are the odds that I'd leave at THAT precise time? What are the odds that *I* would be in Irvine at all? What are the odds that he would drive up behind me at that time? And what are the odds that I would recognize a guy whom I've only seen a pic of on the net? Sheesh! Freaky!

Current Mood: amazed
Watching the kid I just stood in for on a TV commercial. It always depresses me to be this age & have done next to nothing, & see a 7 year old with as much under his belt as he has. *sigh* And ANOTHER. That I know of, he's in a Home Depot & a VW commercial concurrently. Little bugger.

I have a lot to say...but just no time or energy to put my thoughts together well. I am actually going to bed at 9PM tonight. That's so nice. I was supposed to hang out at a friends tonight, but everyone else bailed, so we rescheduled. For the best. I need sleep. I am performing in the saloon tomorrow, which takes more energy. izzicam is coming to see my show! YAY! *grin* This is a great role for me, & I love to have people I care about see me do it!

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Current Mood: sleepy

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