August 1st, 2002

real Alice

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I am feeling really tired today.

We went to see a show that my supervisor was in last night, & a bunch of other people from Knott's. "Cabaret." It was really awful...and they inexplicably split it into 3 acts. It was midnight before I was even driving home, 12:30AM when I got there.

I had a text message wake me up in the morning. Not the persons fault, really. My phone can be strange. The ringer was turned off & it still sang. Then another text message came in & it was silent! Go figure!

And I was REALLY not pleased with the Mexican Jehovah's Witnesses ringing my doorbell just after 9AM. WTF? How DARE they! I don't want to hear about ANY religion that early in the morning on my friggin' day off. I have been waking up before 6AM every morning, FINALLY get to sleep in...and they have the audacity to ring my bell at 9AM. Yeah, that makes me terribly fond of their religion. I don't like ANY religion that goes door to door, anyway. If your religion is THAT great, it will bring people to it on it's own. It's important that I mentioned that they were Mexican....because AFTER they woke me up & dragged me to the door (I sometimes get packages, so thought it might be the UPS guy), they couldn't even speak to me! They didn't speak ANY English! OI!!!!!!

So here's the profile of a guy on Hot or Not who wants me to meet him....go figure....does this sound like it's describing me:
"This person's keywords:asian california chinese endurance hawaiian japanese korean la sex taiwanese thai vietnamese 9

i have to be bluntly honest. i'm only interested in having sex with beautiful asian women. if that makes me a bastard, so be it. at least i'm upfront and don't lead anyone on. thank you."

Never mind that that's really strange & insulting to Asian women (the old belief---true or not---that they have tight vaginas), but WHY would such a person click on ME? I am so obviously not Asian, AND I mention I am NOT interested in sex. *sigh* Thanks for wasting my time, bonehead.
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real Alice

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joecichlid put together a list of scenes where I can be spotted on the "Princess Diaries" DVD. I have no way of checking the validity of these scenes, cause I don't have a DVD player! :-( I know there are some other spottings, like when Mia hits her gym teacher in the head on the softball field, you can see me briefly in a gym outfit in the bleachers. There are random "Alice" sightings everywhere (just about any time you see a girl with long blonde hair in the school scenes, it's usually me).

Thanks, joecichlid, for doing this!

Chapter #2 0:05:10-0:06:35 Debate scene, next to male lead

Chapter #3 0:08:40-0:09:23 Playing tambourine and in front of female lead a few seconds later

Chapter #15 0:47:57 Girl on left walking towards steps of school

Chapter #18 1:07:50-1:08:00 Girl on right side of bench, not sure though

Chapter #18 1:08:46-1:08:49 Blond walking by, again not sure

Chapter #21 1:28:40 Behind Lana when she says, "Mia, you're such a freak" on the far right

Chapter #21 1:28:51 On the right side of Lilly chanting, "Lana got coned"
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real Alice

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Is this any surprise????

drama queen

You Are a Drama Queen!

You are a Drama Queen.

Make up to break up. Break up to make up.

Isn't that the story of your life?

Your lovers may call you "fiery" when it's going good.

And you've probably been called "psycho" just for sending a boyfriend 10 emails in a day.

You're not psycho - you just *feel* intensely!

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