August 4th, 2002

real Alice

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The newest guy wasting my time on Hot or Not:

"This person's keywords:beaches biking clubs drinking laughing punk sex smiling smoking tattoo's thrash

andy,33,uk. loves;music,piercing,smoking,eating,drinking,tattoo's,slobbing out,mountain biking,sex,long sunny days on the beach,book's,long sweaty nights in the clubs,art,bouncy castles,nature,love and hot dogs. hates;work,politicions and money"

Ummmm...ok....just for shits & giggles, let me post MY profile:

"This person's keywords:acting animals basketball beach blonde blue eyes candles cats comedies dancing don't smoke hockey incense intelligence internet kissing lakers massages movies no drinking no drugs perfume romantic singing softball swimming tv volleyball
water skiing 30

If you have the following words in your profile or find these things important, PLEASE do NOT waste your time with me: drinking, partying, 420, tattoos, facial hair, rap, piercings, kids, sex, smoking, booze, beer; Los Angeles area ONLY!"

Anyone care to explain WHY he wasted HIS time AND mine? What a fool.
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real Alice

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Fuck my black ass! *wink to all my Kastle Kayla friends*

round ass

You Have a Round Ass!

All the guys think that you're a cutie.

That's thanks to your ghetto booty.

You've got a ass that looks like it's black.

And color doesn't matter, because baby got back.

What Ass Do *You* Have??
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