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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Saturday, August 10th, 2002

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Here's a recent email conversation I had with a guy who responded to one of my personal ads. Boy....THIS one truly knows how to charm me.

"i want to sandblast that mole on your cheek with my cum...ha ha ha ha"

"Too late....it's already gone. But thanks so much for that lovely offer that would make your momma proud! :-)"

"hey was just putting all my cards out on the tabel...like you were..."

"And showing what an inconsiderate, rude, disgusting, poorly raised individual you are at the same time! Hey, two birds with one stone! *pats your head*"

"i take it youre mad at me....hey, it was just a joke...sorry...yea im a jerk...ha ha ha"

That WAS a funny joke, huh. I always say such things to total strangers, & then expect them to be interested in me.

I lead such an....interesting life. *sigh*

Current Mood: amused & annoyed
I need opinions again, please.

I am going to post a new picture on my AOL personal ad. The one there now is pretty outdated.

I tried to pick options where I looked really natural. The goal (for me) is not to "look pretty" but look genuinely like me. I mostly picked ones where I was wearing little to no make up. The lighting should be good...coloring good...nice, friendly smile...natural looking....and most importantly, it needs to be a picture that you would see & then when I show up in person, I would actually look like my picture.

Here's the link....thanks!!!! :-)

Current Mood: curious

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