August 11th, 2002

real Alice

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I just almost started a fight....and could possibly have gotten very hurt.

I stopped at the Arco on the corner to get gas. This is a lame Arco, one in which you actually have to go inside to give them your ATM card, & GUESS how much money you are going to spend on gas.

When I went inside, there was a man in line in front of me. His clothes were dirty, & he had another man with him, & the other man's eyes were extremely bloodshot. The man in front of me started to raise his voice. He wanted them to let him pay with his ATM card, & get cash back. They don't offer that kind of service. The owner told him to use the ATM machine in the store. He said, "Hell, no, my bank will charge me! Let me do it this way!" The owner apologizes & says he can't do that. The man says, "I come in here every day! You know me! Why the fuck won't you let me do this?" He continues ranting & cussing....the owner asks him to tone it down, as there are other customers in the store. The guy says, "*I* am a fucking customer, you fucking asshole! You see me every day! Forget it, forget the damn beer." The owner tells him to leave it there, he'll put it back. The guy takes it & slams it on the floor. His drunken friend...who is literally swaggering around---tries to pick up the beer that fell out of the 12 pack carton (like these guys NEED 12 more beers!). The jerk tells him to leave it there, & keeps yelling & cussing. I walk outside to fill up my truck. Read the rest here.Collapse )
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