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Where am I going & why am I in this basket???
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Tuesday, August 20th, 2002

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Listen up, my peeps! :-)

My sister got a live journal account! Please say hi if you get the chance and/or see her around. She's really cool. We are polar opposites, so don't expect another me....and honestly, could you really handle another me? *wink* She's looking to make new friends---in particular in the Florida area---so if you don't mind doing such a thing, add her to your friend's list!!!! I'd appreciate your hospitality! :-)


Current Mood: cheerful
ze_malibu_kid & reindeer!!!!!

Forgive me for forgetting to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!"


Hope it was great!

Current Mood: cheerful
Thanks to all those who have added or will add my sister to their friend's list, or who said hello!

Given her busy schedule (she works for the state of Florida), she opted to not have notices sent to her email box....so if you respond to her somewhere, & she doesn't respond back, it doesn't mean she's ignoring you, she just doesn't know you responded! She will check her entries, naturally, so this only applies to other places. I tried to discourage her from doing this, but she's just not as into the net as I am! :-)
I don't get it. College is for learning & improving your future....NOT partying. But then....I never was a partier. I am not surprised by the standings of the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa, since my sister went there. From what I hear, I am surprised that San Diego State University didn't make the list.

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Current Mood: disappointed
Tired of drinking water? You may not have to drink as much as originally thought. I know that, for me, trying to pour down 8 glasses a day is nearly impossible, & pretty annoying.

Water article here.Collapse )

Current Mood: intrigued
I just gotta say that the story of the little 4 year old Mexican girl who was kidnapped made me ill.

Thank GOD she was found safe. Happy ending. YAY!

But come on....I FULLY blame this on the parents. These "model parents" left the little girl UNATTENDED in a public park for TWO PLUS HOURS, & frequently did this. They are immigrants who don't speak a lick of English, & were hot dog vendors in the park. They would leave their young children with people they "knew" in the park for hours at a time. Come on...unless you have hired & paid someone to watch your child, it's no one else's responsibility to do it. These people probably had children of their own to watch. You cannot turn your back for a second on your kids these days...they will be gone. This would be similar to dropping your 4 year old off at the beach for 2 hours, alone, & then coming back & wondering where in the heck she went. Give me a break! TWO HOURS! ALONE! This appalls me! Don't give me some crap about how they needed to make a living. For one thing, we all know how I feel about this...if you cannot afford to properly care for your kids, you shouldn't be having them. And if you just HAVE to work a park at the SAME time, then get one of those leashes & keep your kid with you at ALL times....the son with dad, the daughter with mom, or vice versa. You don't go to work & leave your 4 year old at home, alone, do you? Would you? Would you go to a park & not watch your child for 2 hours? Come on! This story just boiled my blood! I didn't wish ANY harm on the innocent child...but these "parents" should have their children taken away. They obviously don't know how or are unable to properly care for them. It makes me want to PUKE how much attention & free gifts & everything else this family is getting now...when the attention they SHOULD be getting is from child social services, to investigate taking their children away.


Current Mood: pissed off
A poll on AOL....

Who do you think should be voted off American Idol next?

Out of 16,160 votes:
75% Nikki (well, duh!)
14% Justin
5% Tamyra
4% Kelly

Current Mood: amused
So I have had at LEAST 2 guys in a week tell me I am "big," & in the case of one, "really pretty, but big."

I know I have "blossomed" a bit. *sigh* It's just not that easy to lose it. I guess I need to try harder. *I* feel bad about myself. But I tell ya what....it makes it worse to hear others say it. I know my "special guy" is going to love my body the way it is, & will think I am sexy no matter my size, but even *I* feel icky. So it's time.

Don't have a plan yet....but I gotta get moving. For one thing, screw guys, HOLLYWOOD won't accept me like this.

Current Mood: hurt & thoughtful
Dooode....I don't know what's going on, but my ovaries or something are killing me! Something is throbbing constantly down there! Maybe I am ovulating. I still suspect I might have SOMETHING like endometriosis, since I started having all these weird pains in my abdomen. I mean, I have had all kinds of weird symptoms since I started having these problems. Weird, more painful periods, & other symptoms too gross to post publicly. SOMETHING is going on. Oh well....if something IS going on, hopefully they will find something in January when I have my next pap. I will discuss all my symptoms with the doc at that time. I just cannot afford to go back to my doc, with my crappy insurance. I will just wait it out.

Current Mood: in pain
Ok, here's a reminder post for chappell activities. Anyone is welcome at any of these activities.

Thursday, the 29th, we are going to Santa Monica Pier for the day, & will have a nice dinner somewhere that night.

Friday, the 30th, we are going to storm Hollywood, & then go to the Boulevard for karaoke that night (approx. 9PM).

Saturday, the 31st, we need someone to entertain Chappell & Meredith during the day & get them to Redondo Beach (or Knott's) in time for dinner at the notorious Joe's Crab Shack in Redondo for dinner, around 5-6PM. (Alice has to be in bed around 9PM on work nights.) OR maybe it would work better to do Joe's on Sunday, after Knott's, since they will already be with me....we'll see.

Sunday, Chappell, izzicam, & Meredith are going to Knott's Berry Farm. We probably will eat at one of my fave Mexican restaurants afterwards, Mexi Casa in Anaheim.

Tuesday night, I am taking Chappell, Meredith, mr_dark & amythyst to the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood, but I CANNOT invite others to this...I have a VERY limited guest list. But if you have interest in the MC, let me know, cause I might be able to get you in at a later date.

Post yer interest here, & I will post a reminder next week, closer to the actual dates.

Current Mood: excited
My take on tonight's American Idol....

They all disappointed. Poor Kelly & Tamyra have noticable vocal strain (I know the feeling all too well), & Justin sounded like he had a bit, too. Nikki did okay for Nikki. She really is a pretty girl...but she should consider modeling, & step away from singing, since she can't do it very well. It wasn't anyone's strong night. They need some vocal rest. When you are a big singing star, you can take a rest when you need to....so it's not fair to push these guys like this.

But I have this to say...Randy, Paula, & Simon...their sniping at each other works my nerves. They each have an opinion....state your opinion, & move on. Why must they comment on each other's opinions, insult each other for their opinions, etc.? They don't have to agree. That's why there's 3 judges & not just one...to get 3 varying points of view. Randy & Simon disagree, they start to argue, it gets heated. Simon says Justin's second song bit, Paula insults him & calls him crazy. Simon is entitled to his opinion, & frankly, USUALLY is dead-on, hurtful or not. I would trust his opinion over the other two, because they pad their words & wipe the contestants asses gently, while Simon tells it straight. I prefer straight honesty over coddling any day. But stop arguing over an OPINION. It's an OPINION, it can't really be argued. One person thinks Nikki did well, someone else doesn't agree. We get it. Move on.

If Nikki doesn't get voted off next week, I think I will lose all faith in American voters. Have some sense people...I don't care HOW good she looks, & how "great" her sense of style is (I think she usually looks like a clown), she CAN'T SING! Recording contracts are not awarded based on sense of style or attractiveness...or they shouldn't be. It should be based on talent. Period. And she ain't got much. Period.

The one with the most raw, true talent---even with vocal strain---is Kelly, second runner up, Tamyra.

But hey...that's just MY opinion!

Current Mood: annoyed

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