August 26th, 2002

real Alice

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A quick reminder before I hit the hay tonight.

The events of chappell's visit:

Thursday, the 29th, we are going to Santa Monica Pier. We are gonna lay out on the beach (weather permitting), eat lunch, stroll the Promenade. Anyone who wants to tag along is welcome to. We won't head out too early, maybe 10-11AM-ish.

Friday, the 30th, we are headed to Hollyweird...I mean, Hollywood. We are going to go the the North Hollywood Metro Rail station & take the Red Line to Hollywood. We will visit Hollywood & Highland, have lunch, see all the stars (on the ground), go in all the little touristy shops, & maybe stop by Universal Citywalk for a quick peek of that on the way back to NOHO. Tagalongs welcome.

Friday night, the 30th, we are going to karaoke at The Boulevard in Pasadena. For those who are homophobes, yes, it IS a gay bar, but you almost wouldn't know it, & it's never been a problem ( many times are women hit on by gross men & have to turn them down in straight bars???). So please don't let that stop you. It's a cool little place. We are aiming to hit the karaoke place around 9PMish. I will post the address on Friday with another reminder.

Saturday, the 31st....I have NO clue what Chappell's plans are, cause I am working. But SOMEHOW, he's going to get to either Knott's or Redondo, & we are going to have dinner at the much loved Joe's Crab Shack in Redondo. I am going to make reservations for 5PM, & I REALLY need a head count, in order to make those reservations. I need to know a DEFINITE yes by Friday if you plan to come. I don't want to hear any "maybes," definite yeses only, please. If you don't speak up here or email me, there will NOT be a seat for ya.

Sunday, the 1st, Chappell, Meredith, & izzicam are coming to play with me at Knott's. I work all day, & they will play while I work, & we'll meet up for lunch, & then they will play some more. Ralph's Grocery has $22 tickets! After that, the tentative plan is to go see the musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" at a great theatre. Tickets are around $30, & I need to know by tomorrow (Wed. at the latest!) if anyone would like to go with us. I have to make reservations, cause this theatre usually sells out.

That's all, folks! Hope some of you can make it out to join us for the festivities. Just let me know! :-)
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